Goddess Lilith, William Butler Yeats + Witchery

Every time we enter into relationship with a deity, we are touched by their specific energetic signature.  They are fully formed personalities, entities that move and shape the world in their own particular way.  Their magic has a flavor and characteristics that are unique to them.  

And of course, as we develop a relationship with them, we are touched, shaped, influenced by them.  We come into resonance with who they are, thus we are changed over time by being in proximity and in relationship with them.

With Lilith, a lot of initial emphasis is placed on Her origin stories, because that is the first initiatory threshold we must cross in our ever growing relationship to Her.

It’s just the doorway, and certainly not at all the whole of who She is and what She holds.

Once that threshold is crossed what we have is a primordial thread of wild purity that transcends the countless stories of who we are that have been fed to us.

What She is is deeper, more, and wildly raw in its authenticity.

Lilith’s Magic + Yeats

Countless Witches and Occultists have worked with or invoked Lilith for some powerful magic.

Her energy stream taps into specific types of manifestations with an intense immediacy and impact.  This is in large part because underneath the stories history has fueled about Her over all these centuries, there exists an unadulterated power that is a tap root to the Truth of what is.

And part of that Truth is power.  Wild, free and clear Power.

Some ideas about why this power is what it is have been written about, certainly.  And as we prepare to begin the Coven Of Lilith year and a day, I’ve been sitting with Her to gain deeper understanding of what this power is about. 

In response to my inquiry a long beloved quote that I have kept close to heart for so many years popped into mind and as I continue to sit with it, the answer becomes clearer. This quote for me is evidence of how I have been longing for Lilith for years. And it’s also an answer to the question of what this power is about. The quote is this:

“I am looking for the face I had before the world was made.” 

~William Butler Yeats

I doubt that William Butler Yeats thought he was praying to Lilith when he wrote these words. And in truth some literary analysis suggests he was speaking of the life cycle, leading to death of life, and perhaps death of sexual prowess. Which… maybe he was unknowingly reaching out to Lilith? A Witch can dream, no?

Regardless of my fun imaginings, in my meditations, when the quote came through, the answer felt clear.

  • Lilith existed long before the Garden of Eden story appropriated Her as a tool to create a patriarchal culture.
  • Lilith existed before time.
  • And beautiful Witches, so did we.  

Before culture, before epigenetic ancestral inheritances, and mythologies that made us smaller, weaker, limited, we each had a face, a Truth that was/is eternal.  

Before the traumas and the traditions that built in control mechanisms that governed our choices and behaviors, we WERE.  As in, purely fully empowered and powerful beings.  Witches.

And because we tap into that Truth when we work with Lilith, we tap BACK into the true power we possess – the True power we ARE.

And this is one of the reasons for Her magical potency, efficiency and impact.

Power, unfettered, unveiled and liberated from the projections of fear placed on Her and us by the terrified powers that be – this is how She moves and manifests.  And this is what we come into resonance with when we engage in relationship with Her.

Power and magic, unleashed.


We all know by now that not all Witches work with deities.  It is not a necessary component of a Witches cosmology.  In the end what we all work with is energy through connection and energy streams are abundant.  

What starts to happen as we grow as Witches, is that we become more and more adept and discerning one energy stream from another.  We develop the capacity to multi track these energy streams in order to understand how we dance with them, how we move them through our magic and intentions and how we manifest.

Each deity we choose to work with is another energy stream, albeit intensely potent.

Not everyone is drawn to the particular energy that Lilith holds.  Not everyone is here in this particular life time incarnation to experience and learn the lessons that come with this particular power.

It is not a requirement.  And for me, it’s one of the beauties of Witchcraft; who we are, what we need and what we long for has a place in this spiritual path.  We don’t have to fit into a box created by some external force that demands we fit into the mold.

But here is what I do know:  If you read that quote and it pulls at you in a way that illicits longing for what your face was before the world was made, Lilith Sees you.  

She knows you.  And She’s the doorway to that Truth embodied.

If you’re ready to see that face and ready to dive into a year long commitment to be part of a Coven that learns and works with Lilith and other Witches intimately, come join us and be part of Coven Of Lilith.  Registration is open and we are ready.

Do you hear the call?

Coven Of Lilith: A Witch’s Path Of Wild Reclamation

Lilith is calling her Witches home. You know who you are. You’ve been feeling the call deep in your bones for a while now.

Join an intimately potent Coven to learn, transform and make magic for a year and a day. All while dancing with the Goddess Lilith.

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