Summer Solstice Goddess Ritual

This ritual is perfect for Summer Solstice, but fine and still powerful at any point in the Summer Season or whenever you want to connect with the Mother aspect of the Goddess.

Intention: To celebrate the fullness of the year at the Summer Solstice, as symbolized through the ripe pregnant Mother Goddess and to draw down that power and energetic into yourself.

Items Needed:

  • Goddess Statue
  • 1 Center Candle
  • 4 Directional candles
  • Salt
  • Altar items that symbolize the apex of the year, of the sun, of Summer and of the Mother in Her fullness
  • Flowers – like roses, at least a dozen, the more the better
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Cloves
  • Mistletoe
  • Offering Bowl

Summer Solstice Goddess Ritual Steps

Arrange altar in the following way:

  • At the center of the altar cloth, place the Goddess Statue.
  • Place flowers all along the base of the statue reverently, adorning Her with beauty. Allow this adorning to be one of worship and tending to Her with love.
  • In front of Her, place the offering bowl, fill halfway with milk, honey, a teaspoon of clove and a teaspoon of mistletoe. (these are offerings of beauty, fire, protection and the energetic draw of love, sex, fertility, and abundance)
  • Then place one full blossom inside the offering bowl and in the sweet potently firey mixture.
  • These items are the beauty you offer to feed Her with as well as the power you charge the altar with.
  • Continue adding the personal items that most celebrate this period of Her cycle as well as the Summer Solstice around the altar, including the 4 directional candles.

When done proceed with the ritual thusly:

1. Cast the circle, lighting each directional candle as you come to that station.
2. Do not light the center candle, however.
3. Once the circle is cast, stand before the altar meditating on the goddess, what she represents and the beauty of your offerings.
4. Linger here for as long as you can, absorbing the feeling inside this container and exploring the effects of the sight before you.
5. When you are called, begin raising energy by chanting a deep bellied, long drawn out “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa” over and over again starting with a low voice and then working your way up to a long loud sustained “Maaaaaaaa” you are raising energy with this so do it as long as you feel until you can sense the vibration hitting a high intensity.
6. Then raise your arms (or one arm if holding the paper) up to the sky and read the Mother Goddess Ritual Invocation out loud.

Hail to you, Mother Goddess.

You who source the life pulse in all things, you who embody the essence of fullness – the full reflective Moon, the fully blazing Sun, the gloriously fully bloomed flower of Summer.

I call to You, She who births existence out of Her expansive fecundity and power. I offer praise for the sustenance You give us, for the beauty You impart, for the lessons of creation, abundance and amplitude.

It is out of You, that the magick of manifestation and healing and pulsating creation comes through the world and through me in all aspects of my creative life.

Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.

I stand firm and open to be a vessel of embodiment for all that You are.

I hold the container for creation. I stand in power and beauty, channeling your wisdom and your fecundity.
I create Life in all forms, whether through deed, work, children, art, healing or magick.

May I be the purity of the beating drum of life, touching all around me with reverence, authority and love.

I am creator. I am whole. I am Goddess, Mother, Empress, Emperor.

I am the container of this ritual as you are the container for us all.

I am witch
I am maiden
I am mother
I am crone

May the wisdom of this time of year as well as the potency of the full Moon and full Sun fill me, that I might go forth in my world healing, creating and holding space for the sacred in all things.

So it is.

7. Light the main center candle to keep the energy of this invocation going.
8. Continue to stay here with the energy of the invocation.
9. When ready offer thanks and close the circle.
10. Snuff all the directional candles, but let the center candle burn out on its own in a safe place to continue feeding the invocation you have just done.

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