Ancestral Ritual Mask Creation

An ancestral ritual altar.

Working with masks in Shamanic soul travel work is incredibly powerful, in that it serves as a ‘key’ to help you cross over into the spiritual realms.  For the purpose of this ritual as well as the work you’ll use it for later, the mask is representative of who you are at a soul level to reveal the timeless face of who you have always been at your should core.   This is the face that you have had through the entirety of your timeless lineage.

The mask you create is your true face in the spirit world.  And the ritual that facilitates you creating this mask is powerful and incredibly transformative.

We have been collecting sample mask work in our Pinterest account for you to look at and get ideas around what type of art supplies you can bring into ritual for yourself.  You can find that HERE.

Intention: This is a ritual for creating and consecrating an Ancestral Ritual Mask that channels and represents that most inner purest part of your mystical ancient self so that you are recognized by your spiritual and ancestral line once you cross the veil in ritual.  This is the first part of a longer ritual journey which we will be posting in the coming weeks.  Once this mask is completed it can be used as a Key to traversing the veil in order to meet with and work with your ancestors.  In this way the mask is a potent and sacred manifestation of your self.

Items Needed:

  • White candle, large enough that it will burn for at least an hour or…The Ancestor dressed candles that went out in the October Ancestor Box
  • Incense that you use to help you enter into trance
  • Play shamanic drumming music on repeat.  You want low repetitive drumming.
  • Your skull mask – This is included in the October Ancestor Box, or you can make a mask of your own face using paper mâché castings (you can usually buy this at a craft store)
  • Art supplies:  magazine cut outs for decoupage, paints, pens, ephemera, beads, stones, feather, trinkets, crystals, glue guns, glue, fabric, papers, ribbons, dried flowers and leaves, etc.


  1. Gather all the items you need, creating an altar that can also be with you while you set up a work space.  Can be the floor, a larger work table, etc.  When it comes to the art supplies, especially if you feel like you are not artistic, ask for guidance on things that WANT to be part of your mask.  And allow yourself space for experimentation.  Also remember that this is a piece you can add to over time, so you are not limited to what you have with you at the time of the ritual.
  2. Cast a circle.
  3. Light your incense and then holding the intention in mind, light your candle.
  4. Spend time in meditation, allowing the music and the incense carry you deep into a meditative trance state. 
  5. Open to that deepest part of you that is timeless, that is mystic, that is a long long line of lineage all held together in your one soul.  Not only are you coming face to face with this part of yourself, but you are also forming that face in a visual physical form in order to use it as a key to traverse the veil.
  6. Dwell here for as long as you can, allowing things, images, feelings, stirrings to come up.  If it helps, write things down.
  7. And when you are ready, begin the work of putting together your ancestral face (mask).
  8. You can ask your ancestral line to guide you in this process, sharing that this will be your key into the realms that they dwell and this will be your truest face.
  9. If doubts and fears come up over your ‘artistic’ abilities, return to meditation, letting that slip away.  This is an intuitive process.  There is no right way, no better way, whatever you do is exactly what should be done.
  10. Spend as much time on this as you want and can.  
  11. When you feel it’s time to complete or transition out of ritual space, leave what you have created on the altar.  You can set several nights aside to continue working on it.

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