Falling Into The Dark Moon Earth Cauldron Meditation

This meditation is good to do during any Dark Moon, or Balsamic Moon phase in the Fall Season or at the very beginning of the Fall Season, when the Dark Moon is in the sign of Virgo.

Intention:  This meditation helps set the tone for the energetic shifts that come with the Fall Season, particularly in turning us towards the work of letting go, parring down and understanding the sacred transformative powers of returning to the Earth with an intended death cycle.
It is also intended to continue feeding the symbolism and power of your personal Cauldron, such that it represents the sacred void that all things return to in order to die, transform and later be reborn as something new.  Using our magical tools in a consistent way over time feeds its power and over time creates an energetic that pulls us in faster each time we use it to do a working.

Items needed:
In truth, you can do various different things so these items are optional.  

  1. A Cauldron
  2. Dirt
  3. A trance supportive incense
  4. A black candle
  5. Items that symbolize a return to Earth or the womb or the death cycle for you.
  6. A journal


Note:  Often when we do meditations like this, we hit a point where we get a little restless and distracted and want to end it and move on with our lives.  I’d like to challenge you to meditate past that point, because that’s the sweet spot that we usually abandon, but holds the gold for us.  Past that point of resistance comes the reveal.  Linger in this for longer than you think you should.  Trust me.

  1. This one is simple, but multi layered and complex.  
  2. You can use your cauldron filled with soil that you collected from somewhere near your home.  An option to this is to just work with the soil outside your home and sit on it for this meditation, but the cauldron itself also serves a purpose, so it’s recommended you use that.
  3. Set your space up such that you will be comfortable sitting on the ground or on a chair with your altar either on the floor or on a small table.  But if you can, try to sit on the ground.
  4. The candle and incense can be lift first to begin setting the tone and while you do so, hold the intention.
  5. When ready, take as many long deep inhales and exhales to center you, and bring you into the moment while looking at the candle flame.  Make each inhale an act of drawing in enlivening and mind clarity energy from the flame.
  6. Do this for as long as you feel.
  7. Then when you’re ready shift your gaze to the soil in the cauldron and continue your pace of breathing deeply.
  8. The soil… the earth and the cauldron are that place that hold the most potent energy of transformation.  They are the sacred place of Return, of Endings, of Change at its deepest.  The soil is where we return, where we rot, decompose, fall apart and become the very purest essence of who we are.  It is also here, the void, the universal cauldron where that purest essence that is unseen and without form begins to take on its new being, new existence and intention and form.
  9. In your meditation, ask the Earth and soil to reveal to you the truth and magick of its essence in your life.  Ask to have revealed to you that which the soil and cauldron of the void is calling for you to release, let go and allow to die in order for it to transform in this potent way.  
  10. You can also go into this meditation asking for a deeper understanding of this element and aspect of Earth.  
  11. Linger in this meditative space, keeping your breath and gaze consistent.  You’ll find that there will be times when nothing comes, and then notions, feelings, inklings begin to rise up for you.  Trust all of it and if necessary, take breaks to write things down, but it’s preferable that you wait until you’re done to write your experiences down in your journal.
  12. When you are complete, pull your gaze back to present time, spend a moment or more journaling about your experience and then give gratitude to the Earth and snuff out your candle.
  13. You can take the soil you work with and either leave it on your altar for a time while you continue to process what came through for you, or you can return it to the ground outside, with a prayer of gratitude.

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