Imbolc Self Blessing Initiation Ritual

Intention: This ritual is one that you can do each Imbolc as a way to initiate yourself into a new phase of your life, a new role, goal or other commitment that you will take on for the rest of the solar cycle. The self blessing that takes place in this ritual is one of empowerment, an elevation, and a mark of worthiness to step through the threshold into a new state of being. By this blessing you are consecrating yourself to move forward in this new cycles more than the previous limitations you wore.


  • A ritual bath before beginning this ritual is always a lovely idea as it slows you down, helps you let go of the day behind you and recalibrate your mind and soul for the sacred task at hand.
  • You will also need to prepare the Brigids Blessings Elixir at least an hour prior to using it in the ritual.
  • During the time leading up to the ritual, which can be days, weeks, a month, etc, give thought to what it is you want to initiate yourself into or commit to embodying for this next solar year and have that in mind as you enter into this ritual.

Items needed:

Time of year: Imbolc, February 1st
Dieties to invoke: Brigid


  • Cleanse the ritual space with incense, smudge or salt water.
  • Cast the circle calling in Brigid at center and light Her candle.
  • Sit before the candle/altar and pick up your mirror.
  • Do the Self Blessing and anointing discussed in the Self Blessing BOS page.
  • When you are done, declare what you are initiating yourself as, thanking Brigid for her support and energizing fire.
  • Place the bracelet on your wrist to symbolize this new path you are on. Keep it on for the duration of the year.
  • Close the circle.


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