Full Moon Bath Ritual

Intention: The Full Moon is the FULLNESS of the lunar cycle.  Here all things are expanded, open and ready to be charged, seen and manifested.  This ritual is both to celebrate the culmination of what you have been manifesting as well as to draw in the power the Moon has to offer via the bath.  Here you exist in the salty waters of the Earth’s womb, held by the glowing light of the moon, and infused with the power both have to offer.

This Bath is about sensuality, your corporeal existence married to your spiritual power.  

Items Needed:

  • Candles
  • Full Moon Bath Soak Salts – 2 Tbls
  • Incense of choice
  • Crystals and flowers to amplify the power of your bath
  • Music to meditate by


  • Cast a circle as you normally would.
  • Draw your bath and set up the space for beauty and warm candlelight glow.
  • Let each thing you do to prepare be slow and deliberate, focusing on the power you are drawing in
  • Begin to list off internally or out loud, the things you are grateful for this lunar cycle.
  • Once the bath water is done filling the tub, pour in your bath salts, reciting the following words:

I invoke

through the power of this soak

the protection and love

of the light above

and the groundedness below

Clear my body,

clear my soul,

Allow the Moons power

to freely flow.

  • Enterthe bath water and continue to dwell in a deep meditative state, regulating your breath into long deep inhales and exhales = opening yourself to the energy of the Full Moon.
  • Pay attention to the sesnations of the water, the aroma ofthe oils and the beauty of the floating petals of Rose and Calendula around you.
  • Let each sensation pull you deeper into your trance.
  • Linger here as long asyou want.
  • When you feel ready, recite the following.

Mother Moon

I open to your power

Open to your light

Bless me on this night

  • Linger until you feel complete.
  • Then, closeout the bath and the circle.
  • Journal as much as ou can of the experience to record any insights or feelings that came up for you.
  • Blessed Be.

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