Reawakening Ritual

Intention: To create and mark the moment at which you reawaken a part of your life that has been dormant, drained or in need of a re-commitment.

Items Needed

  • A white candle (one of the candles that came in your Reawakening Box can be used if it matches your intention)
  • Trance inducing incense
  • Altar items that represent your intention
  • Veil/fabric
  • Trance or ritual supporting music
  • Optional – Use sigil included in the box or create your own to symbolize the intention here to implant and activate along with this ritual


  1. Gather items for your altar and set things up.
  2. Cast circle.
  3. Cover your head with the veil, symbolizing the state of dormancy you are currently in.
  4. Riding the energy of the incense and the music begin to sink into a meditative state, while holding focus and inquiry into this dromancy you are wishing to revive and reawaken in yourself..
  5. Open for wisdom to download regarding why this state of dormancy was necessary at this point in your life, and what needs to happen to reignite it once more right now.
  6. Continue to dive into this inquiry until you begin to feel ready, willing and with full understanding of what it will require of you to reawaken this aspect of your life. 
  7. When this moment comes, decide, claim this decision out loud in your circle and then symbolically with deep intention pull the veil off of your head, clearing marking the moment when it is so.
  8. Light your candle stating out loud once more that this aspect of your life has been reawakened and that the fire of the candle burning continue to fuel the energetic momentum building from this new choice and direction you will be taking.
  9. You can stay in this space to write down any insights that came during your meditation and then when complete close the circle.
  10. Allow the candle to burn safely until it’s all gone.

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