Love Alignment Mantra Ritual

There is always so much talk and demand for love spells. Love makes the world go round, right?

More than make the world go round, the deep truth is that we are all connected to the vibration of love in our souls. Most of what our human lives are about is to return to that state where nothing else stands as a block to it. Some say that this is really our only purpose in life, to return to the pure state of love.

We can get lost in wanting to desperately fill in the holes were have where love seems elusive or lacking in our lives. This can look like the countless manipulative love spells that are so ubiquitous online and in spell books. Ultimately, few if any of those truly answer the real issue.

Love is an inside job, just as much as it’s an outside gift.

This ritual/spell is about addressing the heart of the matter. When we come into alignment with love as a daily practice, we become a magnet and every part of our being is affected by the resonant field of love we come into alignment with.

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Love Mantra Ritual

Intention:  To raise our alignment frequency to the highest expression of Love.  This is a ritual that is done repeatedly over time – a practice that sustains and continues to feed your healing and evolution over the course of your life.  

This can be done for short periods of time every so often throughout the year.  As an example, 7 days or for a full lunar cycle, or each year on your birth month, etc.

Items needed:

  • 1 bowl of Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 1 candle – You can take the mantra shared below and create a sigil from it and carve into the candle
  • 1 sea heart – Same here, the sigil can be inscribed into the sea heart
  • 1 bowl for blossom
  • 1 rose of jericho blossom
  • 1 love mala beads


  1.  Prepare your altar space with all the items needed.  The candle is placed in the center of the salt bowl and if you’d like, you can sprinkle rose petals on the salt and around the candle.  Similarly, you can grind down some rose petals and anoint the candle with some olive oil and then rub the rose powder over the candle.
  2. The Rose of Jericho (dry) should be placed in a bowl that has about half an inch of water in it. 
  3. Take your seat before your altar with all your items and cast a circle and light your candle.
  4. Holding your mala beads in one hand and the sea heart in the other gaze into the flame and get into a meditative state.
  5. Once there, begin to recite the following mantra, counting out one bead for each recitation until you have completed all 108:  I am the highest expression of Love.
  6. Do this slowly, in a rhythmic pace while gazing at the candle flame or the sigil you carved into the candle.  Knowing that as you do, the mantra and it’s power is affecting you, the sea heart and the rose of jericho.
  7. If the Rose of Jericho begins to open while you do this mantra, shift your gaze to that, watching it blossom as you chant.
  8. You can do more than the 108, however, if you do, then do another full mala, meaning do 216.  Always complete the circuit.
  9. When you are complete, end and close the circle.

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