Drawing In The Elements Ritual

Intention: To call down the elemental energies to empower and recalibrate you for this Spring Season.


  1. Go through at least one round of the Elemental Embodiment Meditation in the week leading up to the ritual. Several times is always better.  And keep in mind that the meditation itself is a powerful tool for learning and embodying the elements themselves as well.
  2. Gather the tools from the box and set up the candles around the pentacle in the manner indicated by the image to the right. (See the list below)
  3. Optional items are salt to delineate the circle, water, flowers, and any other items that represent the elements and spirit for you.
  4. Eat light during that day, but also prepare a meal for you to feast on after the ritual is over. This ritual can be deeply energizing and it can leave you feeling untethered. Eating a meal with a hearty helping of protein can help anchor you in the body. (Can be beans, legumes, tofu etc if you are a vegetarian or vegan)
  5. Also, know that this ritual is perfect for both the solo practitioner as well as a circle, and you can make adaptations as needed.

Symbolism + Tools

  1. 5 candles, one for each element and spirit
  2. Pentacle as an anchor and vortex to bring the energy into (this can be made of wood, metal or drawn on the altar).
  3. Small Abalone shell for the center to symbolize the alchemy of water and earth
  4. Incense to symbolize the alchemy of fire and air
  5. Rose Quartz Heart to symbolize the love and beauty of spirit. (For those who did not receive this item in a box, you can place your own stone at the center of the pentacle.  Rose quartz or quartz is a good stone to work with)


  1. Cast a circle, but do this simply with salt, drawing a salted circle around your space and altar, calling to your guides and guardians to hold space for the work at hand.
  2. Once cast, light the incense.
  3. While it burns inhale the aroma, allowing it to carry you into a meditative state.
  4. Know that the circle is cast and before you are candles that will aid you in calling down eat element one by one as if you were casting a circle.
  5. The difference is that you will be calling in each element to imbue you with its power and energy.
  6. When you are ready, with matches or a lighter nearby, raise your arms up to the sky in a ‘V’ and begin your invocation.
  7. It’s important that you create your invocation based on your personal experience with each element through the meditation you have been doing. An invocation can follow this format as an example:

    Name of element, you who are… (list out the attributes of the element, as many as you want to call in those things) hot, quickening lava, the passion that purifies, drives and burns through all that no longer serves, etc. I open myself to your energies and your power, that you fill me mind, body and soul. Fuel my body, fuel my magick, fuel my healing. Calibrate me to the purity of your energy. Come down, now. Blessed Be.

  8. Stay there until you feel a shift. It can be big or small, subtle or super obvious. Hold the intention as the energy fills you. When you are ready, light the candle for that element.
  9. Repeat this process going clockwise starting in the East/Air, then South/Fire, then West/Water, then North/Earth and finally ending with Spirit.
  10. Spirit can be anything you feel called to bring in, it can be a specific deity you have been working with or simply the energetic of Spirit. It is up to you.
  11. Once you have drawn down each element and spirit, depending on what you feel called to do, somebody movement, dance, or swaying can help integrate the energy in your body. Some prefer to stay still, sitting there in meditation while all integrate. Move as you are called.
  12. When you feel complete, open the circle, but keep the candles going until they burn out (about a week). This continues to fuel the work you have done. If you cannot safely leave these candles on for a full week, set a time each day to light them for a few hours each day while quietly invoking the elements once more (doesn’t need to be in a circle).
  13. The Rose Quartz at the center of this altar holds the vibration of the work you have done and can be carried with you as a touchstone.

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