New Moon In Pisces, March 17, 2018

New Moon Sign: Pisces
Element: Water
Type: Mutable
Planet: Neptune
Themes/Symbolism: Healing, awareness, dreams, unity, merging, connecting, intuition, psyche,
Tarot Card: The Moon
Sun Sign: Pisces
Time: March 17, 2018 6:12 AM PDT

The Sky

Currently, Jupiter is in Scorpio, which among other things brings about the energetics of revealing things we might want to avoid because they seem to hard or dark to face in ourselves and the lives around us. At the same time, Chiron, The Wounded Healer, supports this Moon by being in Pisces, which it has been in since 2010. This brings in a focus on experience of pain, alienation and woundedness.

With the Virgo Full Moon we had, the focus was the physical and practical elements of health and healing. With Pisces something else, something deeper presents itself. This is the Moon of deeper wounds, our nervous system that is at once a physical and a psychic barometer needs attention.

Pisces is also the realm of blurred lines, dreams and the nebulous existence we often drift through when boundaries long to be blurred. In it’s healthy realm, this leads to union, acceptance, inclusion, the collective unconscious and being tapped into it. In it’s more obstructed place, the lack of boundaries will lead to depletion, harm, confusion and where one begins and where one ends. It’s important to note that there are some hard boundaries we hold that harm us, and some that we hold that are necessary protectors for what exists inside.

The Work Of This New Moon In Pisces

The energetic of this Moon is something that has been coming up in my own divination work for the last 2 weeks. Healing right now is a priority and the most liberating and revolutionary act we can engage in. But so much of what we define as healing can be dysfunctional and harmful to us all.

This Moon is calling for a deeper wisdom around this. This is an opportunity for a deeper evolution in the way we address illness and dis-ease in our bodies and lives is a key component to healing. And that wisdom is that the healing isn’t in fighting or going to war with the illness within you, but rather, embracing it with compassion and love as another part of you. This Moon is calling into view the divisive boundary we have around certain parts of us and how this boundary could be causing more wounding than good.

This is not about indifference and inaction when it comes to illness. On the contrary, it’s an active, fully engaged love practice that serves to deepen your own self love and self value, by holding every single part of yourself with love and compassion rather than the divisiveness of denying, resisting and combatting a perceived wrong or darkness with in you.

This is the work of a Warrior – A Love Warrior, and the key to her strength isn’t how hard she fights, but how hard she loves.

This Pisces Moon is an opportunity to evaluate the boundaries we might have against certain parts of ourselves, as opposed to one healing and protective, compassion love boundary around the WHOLE of ourselves, exactly as we are.

This is big work, my sweets. And it requires courage and compassion on levels we often forget to give ourselves while we strive so very hard to give to others in the world.

This Moon is an invitation to embrace like a Warrior of Love, all those parts of yourself that you hold at bay, try to eradicate, heal through combating and ignore in the hopes it will one day just go away. Those boundaries… they perpetuate the wound.

Moon Water Magic

Water With Which To SEE

Charge your Moon Water as described in this post HERE.

  1. The intention for this moon water is to imbue it with both the New Moon vibration of Pisces and the support of Jupiter in Scorpio as well as the lessons of Chiron and asking the Moon to imprint that which you must See, Feel and Know about the state of your internal wounds, your health and what it is that is calling out for you to embrace it within the boundary of your compassionate embrace.
  2. In the time following the New Moon, or during the Full Moon OR the Dark Moon, use this water in a divination/meditation ritual where you use it for scrying.
  3. Use a Chalice, scrying bowl or implement of your choosing to hold the water.
  4. Set up your altar as you would, include a journal and a pen, cast your circle.
  5. Meditate and center yourself as you normally would and when you are ready, invoke the power of the elements, of the signs, the Moon and the energy that exists in this water. Ask it to reveal to you that which you need to see.
  6. Stare into the water, with steady, slow and deep breath, keep gazing until your sight shifts, trance takes over and be there until you feel something come through.
  7. Know that sometimes, we will receive whole words, sentences, sounds, images or sometimes just sensations that have no immediate meaning to us in the moment. Trust your body and soul to retain the transmission and understand the wisdom, even if your mind doesn’t have an immediate translation.
  8. Write down every thing you experienced while gazing into the water.
  9. Close the circle.
  10. You can either drink the water once you are done, as a final punctuation to the ritual or you can offer the water to the Earth in gratitude for what it has given you.

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