New Moon In Libra – October 19th, 2017

We stand at this very second, with the dark moon in Libra and getting ready to usher us into the newness of Libra as well on the 19th.

This is usually true of all New Moons – the Dark Moon sign ushers in the New Moon.

Today however, there is something extra significant in calling attention to straddling one energetic and the next. It seems to highlight an aspect of Libra that I both love and work hard at understanding in the day to day of my life.
New Moon In Libra

Air – Mind – Cardinal – Scales – “Balance” – Venus – Dance* – Options – Choices – Partnership

There is this dance between thing that Libra embodies. The dynamic dance between one thing and another, once choice and another, it’s what makes balance a bit nonsensical due to the rigidity it implies. Balance is a dynamic dance back and forth over time, sometimes one thing gets more attention, other times it doesn’t… it’s a dance.

And though it’s easy to say that Libra gets caught up in indecision, the reality is that when in it’s spiritual maturity, what others see as indecision is really about existing in the truths and possibilities and nuances of those spaces in between one thing and another.

It’s no coincidence that this would also be what I emphasize now as we approach Hallows in a couple of weeks.

Traversing The Inbetween

Justice, the Scales, Libra… there is an implied sense of mental discernment. Of study, of attention, of weighing out what is before us. And these themes play out in every single aspect of our lives.

There is so much strife and anguish going on in the world around us right now. So much impact, conflict, need and desperation. It’s not lost on me as I prepare to head to my altar for my New Moon Manifestation work.

For me this cycle, I’ve been hit with challenges of being in community where conflict is not being dealt with maturely and as a result damage has been caused. Deep deep damage.

As I watched this play out, not only did my heart break, but I was called to task inside myself, to really look at how I show up in communal spaces, how I deal with conflict and what has served and what hasn’t.

I’m clear that as I sit here in this Dark Moon, what I want to leave behind is the knee jerk reactive and opposition that disguises itself as standing up for what is right, and dancing my way towards speaking truth firmly, but rooted deeply in love.

There is nuance there. Libra has the lessons I need to find my way.

This is personal to me and my life right now. Yours is different. But as you approach your New Moon work, I offer some questions to help you suss out the energetics at play in your world:

  • When you are faced with a decision or choice to make, do you make it quickly or do you linger in order to really know what you want and need to do?
  • Is lingering before you make a decision comfortable or uncomfortable?
  • What can be received from sitting between one action and the next for a period of time not out of avoidance but curiosity?
  • What would you need to possess or understand in order to traverse the in-between stages of a choice, situation, relationship or the liminal slowly and with a discerning inner eye?

Or Keep It Simple

I’ve been journaling and analyzing just about every part of myself since I can remember. The questions above are for those of you that like to get into the nooks and crannies of things and personally, I find that the more we understand ourselves the more effective we are in manifesting the life we choose.

That said, This New Moon Work can be as simple as calling in discernment in whatever way it needs to be present in your life and that’s ti. Sometimes magick and inner work doesn’t have to come with so much navel gazing. There is room and potency in this as well.

We each get to choose how we dance.

May you have a deeply nourishing and blessed New Moon,

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