Full Moon In Gemini, December 3rd, 2017

Full Moon In Gemini, Mercury Goes Retrograde + It’s a Super Moon

I feel like if I just left it at the title, it’s all that would need to be said. Seriously.

However, in honor of Gemini there are some things that can be said!

Gemini is all air, thought, communication, words. It’s mutable and it can go any which way, which in terms of communication, can lead to misunderstandings, confusion and a lot of noise that isn’t necessary to get a point across.

I think that a lot of people miss a critical part of Gemini energy, because to say it rules communication automatically makes you think of talk, conversation, communicating ideas, needs, feelings.

And where that is true, so is the opposite. Sometimes the most potent thing that can be communicated can come through silence.

The End Of The Year

I love this Full Moon because it feels like a potent punctuation mark at the end of this long long year. It’s not just a Full Moon, but it’s a Super Moon, meaning the moon is at one of it’s closest point to the Earth. And if those two things weren’t enough, Mercury goes retrograde on the same weekend.

So here’s what’s up:

If there are things you’re holding onto, that you haven’t said, but need to. DO IT. This is the work of Mercury retrograde. Tie up those loose ends.

If you find yourself caught up in too many conversations at once, (especially via social media) assess if that is the best use of your voice and if it can truly be as potent as it’s made to be when you’re spread out so thin across so many lines of communication all the time.

For me, this Full Moon is clear:

  • Say what you’ve been holding back, but need to express.
  • And stop talking so much in places that aren’t worthy of the full value of your voice.

It’s as clear as that.

Moon Water Work

If you are going to set out some Moon Water to charge under this Full Moon, a good way to use it is to simply drink it after it’s been fully charged. That it might impart clear discernment for you on what needs to be said and where you need to hold your tongue.

Blessings my lovelies,

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