Full Moon In Pisces 2017

Remember when I said I’d be sending out lunar missives?

Well here it is.  I do think however, that I should have been more specific about when these missives would come.  As you Witches know, as you speaketh, so it is.  And Mama didn’t get specific on being timely!

That said, I’ll blame the Moon.  🙂  I think She’s ok with that.

Big Feels

It’s not just the water, the mutability and the blurred lines between you and others, it’s the fact that the world is either on fire, underwater or on the verge of war.

There are a lot of feels out there tonight.  The moon certainly can pull it out of us but the climate out there (both literally and figuratively) is intense and not only are we feeling it more, but we are a bit more prone to be thrown off by it.

We need to set our container, set our intentions and honor what we feel with a gentle fierceness.

It’s also a great night to do your moon water magic (More on this in November!) and really pay attention to what you’re feeling and then inquire about where those feelings might be coming from.

From Me To You

This month, for this full moon, what I have for you is this blessing:

May the path before you remain sure, despite the windy curves and flooded detours.

May trust be your sentinel and intuition your map.

May your Sight be clear and may the messages that come to you be the stuff of legends.

And may the core of your being remain rooted in love while that which does not serve burns away.

Blessings to each one of you on this night,

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