Supporting Your Spellwork With The Lunar Phases

Energetics For Magickal Work

We have so many energies at play around us and within us that in order to more successfully cast spells, it makes sense to align yourself as much as possible with the universal energies around you.

One of the easiest ways to support the success of your spellwork is to use the supportive energy of the lunar phases.
Every full lunar cycle lasts about 29.5 from New Moon to Dark Moon. And then it starts all over again. Night after night our fair Moon births itself and grows until She is Full and then She wanes until She dissolves into a darkness.

And throughout that dance, She pulls and pushes on the tides of the ocean, the fluids of our bodies and the moods we experience, all while transiting a new astrological sign ever 1-3 days.

Wax And Wane

As the Moon moves from it’s barely seen new sliver to its fullness, it grows, waxes, builds up in its gravitational pull. Then as the Moon grows smaller to our eyes, and begins to wane until it is obscured from view, or is a Dark Moon, it creates an energetic of pulling away, dying back, retreating.

In this way the waves that move to and fro are evident and we can see how it makes sense to time our spells in such a way as to coincide with the way the Moon is moving.

If you want to build something or add energy to something, you cast your spells between the New Moon and the Full Moon. If you want to let go, cut away, banish something you do it between the other side of the Full Moon and the Dark Moon.

This is also true of farming, which is not too unlike casting spells – plant seeds when the Moon is new, harvest when the Moon begins to wane.

The parallels with the Solar cycle and the seasons is a broader cycle or spiral that mirrors the Moon, only it takes a full year, four seasons to complete. All of nature works this way and because we are Witches, it’s a dance we are intrinsically drawn to.

The Energy Of Each Lunar Phase

The Moon is our dance, our spiral dance that we circle round and round while choosing seeds, planting them, nourishing them, celebrating their fruition and then harvesting and culling back to start all over again.

She is our tide, our blood, our mood and our mirror. We are creatures that are lead by the Moon whether we believe this or not. When we open our consciousness to this dance, we begin to become aware of her influence and how we too, wax and wane each month with this tidal pull that touches the very core of us.

An easy way to remember this is – as the moon grows, you cast to manifest and bring in, as it diminishes you cast to cut, release and banish.

Lunar Phases For Spellwork

New Moon: beginnings, renewal, setting intentions, manifestation spells, new slate, starting new ventures, love, and romance, health or job hunting, binding spells,

Crescent Moon: momentum building, taking actions, doing the work, feeding the wish, supportive casting spells, increasing protection,

First Quarter Moon: growth, effort, self-expression, nourishing intention

Gibbous Moon: evaluation, observance, meditation, gestation, refine, rapid growth or manifestation spells,

Full Moon: clarity, intuition, gratitude, celebration, the apex of creative activity, divination to bring something up into the light, drawing down the moon, empowerment, healing, charging tools, meditation, protection,

Disseminating Moon: reaping what you sow, harvesting, gathering, choosing among the bounty, sharing, generosity

Third Quarter Moon: release, letting go, eliminating bad habits and toxic people, destruction, refining, forgiveness, spell removals, recasting spells for extra waning power,

Balsamic Moon: reflection, relaxation, meditation, recovery

Dark Moon: walking between the worlds, divination, rest, death or going fallow, banishing, neutralizing spells and doing shadow work

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