New Moon In Aries, April 15, 2018

New Moon Sign: Aries
Element: Fire
Type: Cardinal
Planet: Mars
Themes/Symbolism: Leadership, Self Possession, Direction, Authority, Emotional Independence, Impatience,
Tarot Card: The Emperor
Sun Sign: Aries
Time: April 15, 2018 6:57PM PST

Before we say anything about this New Moon in Aries, lets bid a happy farewell to this last Mercury Retrograde. Because seriously? This one was a feisty one and I don’t know anyone that wasn’t affected in one way or another by it. I’m typically a smooth sailor of old Merc Retro, but good grief, delayed shipments, tech issues, lost files, inability to connect with people, I mean, by the end of this I had gotten so many opportunities to breathe and practice letting go, I feel like a Master. (But I’m not. It’s always about the practice, so thank you, Mercury. *coughs*)

That said, the direct movement of Mercury, coupled with the New Moon in Aries and Sun in Aries gives a sensation of a clean slate to start on. Not only is there this sense of being the first, the one, the individual stepping out into a new direction that comes with Aries, but the shake up of Mercury feels like it knocked some old energy stuck points loose, allowing room for choices, change and a simpler path ahead to focus on.

This cycle is about action. It’s about choosing and moving forward with assertiveness, empowerment and a clear deep bone level YES. This isn’t about grasping, dreaming, wishing, hoping. It’s a self possessed declaration of a desire and simply aiming for it to make it happen.

So much of the time we have baggage about what we want or desire. That baggage, which can come in the form of self doubt, guilt, shame, equivocation, stymies the work of manifestation and sends our spells into all sorts of different directions that manifest realities that are a reflection of our own internal confusion.

This is not that Moon.

The Lunar Cycle we are entering in is typically one of new beginnings, decisive action and clean pivots. You want to shift something in your life? Take a turn. Change directions. Own. The. Desire. Fully.

Let go of the noise, the questions, the “yea… but…” Identify what you want, leave no room for guilt or self doubt and aim for it.

Remember, you are a Witch. You are the most potent creator of your life.

The Purity Of Desire

When we drop all the messaging we have picked up along the way regarding how right or wrong it is to want what we want and we start to really feel the gravity of our raw and naked desire, we are freed.

Desire can feel dangerous, intense, all encompassing. There is this notion, that we must not want, that the real spiritual stance is one of non attachment. But be clear, without desire we don’t move. It’s not about not having desire, it’s about how we dance with it.

Desire in it’s dysfunctional expression can be obsessive, desperate, cloying. Which isn’t at all clear or direct or even fully honest. Because behind those feelings are unmet and unidentified needs that are the real desire, masquerading as something else and not fully expressed. It can lead us to all sorts of challenges that miss the mark of both our healing and desired life.

Healthy desire is honest. It’s true. It’s an acknowledgment of what is there and a declaration to the universe and more importantly to yourself that you want this. That you have a pull in your core for this thing.

Acknowledging that, without internal conflict of noise is an affirmation that you simply want it, which in turn frees you to continue on to other things. The second you depend your happiness, your life, your future on this desire, you’ve deviated from the stated desire and are in the realm of something else.

So, get clear. Journal, get therapy, connect with friends to really work out these truths for yourself. And then, my loves, identify a desire, and set to the task of casting your spell into the universe.

This is the moon for it.

Moon Water Magick

This is a powerful sign to choose one thing to manifest and focus all your spell work on. As such, one of the things I love doing is charging a gallon, yes, a gallon, of Moon Water during this moon and using it to water and nurture sunflower seeds. (Use the water until it runs out and then it’s fine to use water you have on hand to continue watering the flower throughout the course of it’s life.)

The weather should be warm enough now to start your seedlings, and I choose 3, 5 or 7 sunflower seeds to plant and water, day by day during the length of it’s life. You might not get the full set to sprout, so don’t be disappointed if some don’t actually push through.

The seeds represent the intention of the spell. The Water is symbolic and literal of nurturing, feeding and caring for this intention with love and attention. As the seedlings grow, so too does the energy of your intention and even if the manifestation of that spell comes to pass while the plant is growing, it is still important and beautiful to keep caring over it, only now, you shift from trying to manifest it, and move towards gratitude for what you have.

Sunflowers are beautiful but also give you the gift of seeds after the flower has reached it’s maturity and begun to die back. Those seeds are now imbued with the energy of the spell and the intention of what you chose to manifest. These seeds can be kept until the following year during the same lunation cycle and used once more in your spell casting.

Over time, over the years, this can be a powerful spell that keeps feeding itself. The other lovely thing is that you won’t need all the seeds you harvest from the flowers you grow, so they also become lovely gifts for your coven or other Witch brethren.

Sex/Orgasm Magick

Aries is charged with the fire of sex. There is a primal drive here that is often subdued in emotion but just as likely not to be. This lunation is a potent one for this type of spell work and I recommend as always to do it alone. Which if you haven’t noticed already, I’m a huge advocate for. it’s not that there is anything wrong with sex with others! ON the contrary! Yum! But there is a laser sharpness to the astrological lunar and solar energy right now, and laser sharp focus of intention is one of the keys to potent spell casting. Get you hot groove on with partners any other night of the week. For this night? Set the space, set the intention and let the arousal energy of your body take the spell out in to the ethers with a good charge of that orgasmic burst.


For information on Sex/Orgasm Magick go HERE.

Charge your Moon Water as described in this post HERE.

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