Full Moon In Sagittarius, May 29, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter, which is attached to The Wheel Of Fortune
Themes/Symbolism: Travel, Expansion, Unconventionality, Restlessness,
Tarot Card: Temperance (moderation + self control)
Sun Sign: Gemini
Time: May 29, 2018 7:19AM PST

I’m torn between writing these posts as a dry listing of information to help you channel your intentions when you do your Full Moon work and as if we were sitting in a living room, noshing and drinking girl friend style.

There would be a million candles lit, to be sure, an altar with all manner of symbols and images that depict fecundity in all it’s forms and some moody groovy music playing in the background.

The topic of this Moon, it’s associations and current personal events would come up and inevitably someone would say, “Girrrrrrrlllllll…” to everyone and no one in particular in the room.

That’s the mood right now. And without personal context, you’re left to fill in the blanks with what makes sense from the occurrences in your life right now. But perhaps that’s ok, mmm?

Sagittarius Is A Ride

It’s not just that it’s Sagittarius, it’s that the Moon is full and we are moving towards Summer, the height of the fiery Sun’s year. It’s the emotional restlessness that sizzles under the skin. There is a push or a pull towards more, expansion, the danger of uncertainty that we crave in order to keep growing, even though that uncertainty scares us.

Untethering frightens most of us on the surface, but there are those of us who secretly crave the feeling of being being cast about with no assurances of where you’ll land, or what life will look like after a good unconventional stretching of usual boundaries.

Sometimes the shake up is needed. Sometimes it comes up as adventure, sometimes it comes up as unravelling. It sounds chaotic and pointless, but the alchemical magick of Sagittarius is that he’s an archer, and like Diana and her bow and arrow aimed at the intentioned Moon, chances are what you set your eye on to manifest comes to fruition due to the unfettered slipstream that arrow has along the way to finding it’s target.

Temperance and The Wheel Of Fortune

I love that Sagittarius has two tarot cards associated with it. Temperance belonging to Sagittarius and The Wheel Of Fortune to Jupiter. Luck and expansion are a fun field to play in, but if we dive too deep, develop too many dependencies on luck or the possibility of winning the gamble, things can go wrong quickly. Temperance brings in discernment, moderation, self control, and for me at this point in the game, it’s a reminder that freedom and being untethered or free still require some stability provided by personal boundaries mindfulness.

The Energetics

In that sense, magickally speaking, the traveling restlessness of Sagittarius is tempered by the eye set on the prize, or the clear view of the bullseye you have your arrow trained on. It’s the pull of intention that creates some semblance of structure in an otherwise free wheeling energy that can at once be thrilling and disorienting.

And, it’s a Full Moon. Sometimes I spell at the Full Moon, sometimes I just lay back and absorb the culmination of whatever it is I’ve been manifesting in my world. Sometimes, a celebration is called for in whatever form that needs to take. It’s an energy you can’t hold on tightly too, but if you let it buoy you, the potency can be exquisite. And remember to trust. Trust is key here in this energy.

Moon Water Magick

Charging water under this Full Moon could be a fantastic ingredient for the following spells:

  • Money Draw
  • Luck
  • Love
  • An elevation in your work/career
  • Bringin in an expansive opportunity
  • Movement in a stagnant situation

In the past, I’ve suggested drinking your charged water. I’m not feeling that for this energy. This water is potent for charging and imbuing other tools you might be using for your work. It’s also a great magnetic for the altar. You could have it hold the West down with a bowl or chalice of water.

For more information on charging your Moon Water go HERE.

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