Waning Dark Moon in Pisces, March 21st, 2020

  • Waning Dark Moon: Pisces
  • Begins: March 21st- 24th
  • Element: Water
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Planetary Ruler: Jupiter & Neptune


The Waning Dark Moon is the phase when it’s still displaying a thin silver line, at the verge of becoming invisible in the night sky as it approaches the Sun. Symbolically, it represents the declining phase of the cycle of life. It begins two nights before the New/Dark Moon, which is when it has lost all of its illumination. Thus, this phase prepares us for the rebirth and new beginning that comes after the exact conjunction between the two luminaries.


Further, it always begins in the sign of the last astrological season and thus, of the last New Moon. It represents the time when we’re heading back to the cave, when we return from our journey through the outside and head towards our inner/underworld. In its growing phase (New Moon) we meet the outer expression of that sign during the lunation. Conversely, when it’s waning, we meet its inner expression, as the Sun is no longer in that sign. Further, it invites us to rest, recharge, release from energetic or body toxins, banish what we want out or cut the cords that attach us to the past. It’s when we enter the Crone phase, commune with the Dark Goddess and meet with our shadow side.


The astrological new year has begun with the Sun´s ingress in the sign of Aries and the beginning of the equinox. However, it begins with a Waning Moon, meaning that the energies are still pulling us inward, calling for deep reflection, introspection and releasing. Hence, the new beginning officially starts with the New Moon in Aries of March 24th. 

The Waning Dark Moon happening in the sign of the last New Moon, invites us to reflect on what surged during Pisces Season, with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and the Full Moon opposite Neptune. Individually, this brought themes that shed light on what needed to heal and what we needed let go of. Collectively, we saw how the new virus spread all over the world, making our health our primary focus and the reason why most of us are in quarantine. Although the astrological new year began, we´re still required to be isolated. Thus, with this lunar phase, especially if this situation has increased your anxiety, it’s ideal to dedicate it for self reflection and healing through meditation or another effective technique.


The Moon will be conjunct Mercury, merging what rules our emotional world with what rules the mental processes and communication. In the sign of Pisces, it makes it ideal for deep soul work, introspection through dream analysis or meditation. During this conjunction, both will be forming a harmonious aspect with the lunar nodes, the point of destiny and the point of dissolution. For instance, this transit will be helping us dissolve or release what no longer serves which is something that was put into our awareness during Pisces Season

Thus, this Waning Dark Moon is the last step to release and begin the astrological year restored. The Moon will then be conjunct Neptune, fogging our outer perception, but helping us connect within, with the ethereal and other realms. This makes it a fantastic transit for divination, spirit work, magick and for putting into practice your intuition or your psychic abilities. Lastly, it will be making harmonious alignments with Mars, Jupiter and Pluto which will be all conjunct. This will help ground Pisces energy to take action on banishing the structures that no longer work.


Since the Waning Dark Moon happens in the sign of Pisces, rituals for releasing and banishment will be more effective using the element of water, like a spiritual bath that cleanses you energetically. As the lunar cycle indicates, cleansing and banishing for getting restored, is essential before starting a new cycle of growth. Thus, it’s perfect to dedicate it for this in order to be ‘fertile’ for the new cycle that’s starting with the New Moon in Aries. In the last box of the Witches Box Subscription, we will precisely be making a spell for our spiritual fertility, if you received this box, make use of this lunar phase to prepare for that.

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