Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 5th, 2020

  • Full Moon: 13° Capricorn 38′
  • Date & time: July 5th, @ 12:44 AM ET / July 4th, @ 9:44 PM PST
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruler: Saturn


Lunar Eclipses occur when the Moon enters Earth’s Shadow and the solar rays are completely or partially blocked from reaching the Moon. This results in a reddish lunar surface refracted by Earth’s atmosphere and we have what is called a Blood Moon. However, in order for this to happen, the luminaries need to be in an exact opposition with our planet perfectly aligned between them. Hence, why these events can only take place during a Full Moon.

A Total Lunar Eclipse happens when the Moon enters the umbra, but when these cosmic spheres are in an imperfect alignment, and the Moon instead enters the penumbra (the outer part of Earth’s shadow), it’s called a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. These events of the luminaries happen only a few times a year, for they need to be close to the Lunar Nodes, which is where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic and both orbits intersect.


Symbolically speaking, considering that Earth’s penumbral shadow is cast upon the Moon in its climax, it’s a time when the shadow side and the things that were hidden are revealed and illuminated. In addition, the effects of these lunar events are said to be three times stronger than the Full or New Moons. Solar eclipses mark a new beginning, whilst Lunar Eclipses mark a time of culmination and endings.

However, these events of the luminaries have a more profound meaning and that is that they trigger karmic events that can last months, years or a lifetime. Generally, when it happens in the South Node, the collective is called to dissuade or things end by itself. When it happens with the North Node it illuminates us the path we need to follow as it aligns us to the path of our purpose through the endings that the South Node brings.


The Full Moon will occur at 13 degrees Capricorn, an Earth and Cardinal sign ruled by Saturn. This is the last eclipse in this sign of the series that began on January 5th, 2019 and the last one of its kind that we will have in 18 years. On November 2018 the point of destiny (North Node) and the point of dissolution (South Node) respectively entered the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. However, on May 5th of this year they changed to Gemini & Sagittarius, though because they’re in the last degrees and these cosmic events have been occurring in the first degrees, they’re still happening very close to the lunar nodes and thus, why we’re still having eclipses in these signs.

Lunar Eclipses always represent a culmination, dissolution and the end of a karmic cycle. When it happens close to the South Node, it’s even more about endings and since this is the last one in Capricorn of the series, we’re in for a deep purge and a grand finale. However, since it’s a penumbral eclipse its effects will appear subtly and gradually for the next six months until the New Moon in Capricorn of January 2021, tearing and demolishing the last structures remaining, putting an end to a vicious cycle and leaving what no longer serves behind. The old and broken will be dissolved to give space to the new that will be rebuilt.

Furthermore, the cosmic sky never contradicts because this is reflected with Saturn Retrograde returning to this sign on July 1st. For instance, it will be re-entering the house/area of life it left in our natal chart which is where this lunar event will occur. This signifies that it will be inviting us to revise what still hasn’t ended that needed to be teared or giving us the last lessons in that area before it leaves it for good. This is for the purpose to demolish what still remains in order to end a karmic cycle, attributing to the new beginning that the Solar Eclipse in Cancer marked in the opposite area of life.


Mercury has been going retrograde in the sign of Cancer from June 18th to July 12th. This means that it has been inviting for us to do a rewind and reflect on the situations and lessons that came with the series of eclipses of 2018-2020. This is because it’s inviting us to close a cycle, release and heal from past experiences in order for a new one to initiate. Hence, the next 14 days will be the most potent ones for purging, releasing, purifying, shedding and closing cycles before the new begins to emerge. Interestingly, we will have another New Moon in Cancer on July 20th, making it finally a time to set intentions and begin vibrating in the energy of Cancer by applying the lessons learned.


The eclipses in Capricorn have been of the South Node and since this is the point of dissolution, it asked for the collective to cease vibrating in the shadow side of that sign in order to begin connecting more with the sign of the North Node.

The South Node or “dragon’s tail” is a point of karmic dissolution, what we have to let go of and what we need to abolish by balancing it with its opposite sign. The North Node or the “dragon’s head” is the point of our dharma, the path we need to follow for our soul’s evolution.


This mathematical point in Capricorn indicated that where there should be a dissolution is in the themes of this sign, which is ruled by Saturn. Collectively, it has to do with patriarchy, structures, institutions and figures of power. Since it has to do more with dissolving its shadow side, this lunar node showed us the dark side of Capitalism, the rotten inside the government and the systems in society that no longer work. What has occurred in the world, in the government and in society since 2018 that aligns with this? Has it been one of the most intense years we’ve experienced? Attribute it to the South Node in Capricorn.

In an individual level, it has to do with our internal or external structures that need to be demolished in an area of our lives. This is because these ones are no longer solid, they are old and need to be rebuilt.


However, these falls and collapses are for the purpose to begin restructuring and rebuilding something stronger and with a more stable foundation. What is being teared is what no longer works and what doesn’t serve for our karmic evolution. Thus, these eclipses in Capricorn ultimately bring transformation, for after the destruction comes the creation; after chaos comes order. This is represented by the Jupiter and Pluto conjunction, which have already met two times this year, the first one on April 4th and the second one on June 30 whilst both are retrograde. The last one will occur on November 12th while both are direct, bringing finally a profound change starting from the ground up. Its energy s

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  1. I study astrology at and I think that the lunar eclipse falling on the birthday of the USA seems to indicate dark times, however this reading shows that the American experiment could have a rebirth. Americans might decide to become a family again, to ignore that which divided us, and to work toward a more inclusive future. I will be rooting for that.

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