Full Moon In Aries, September 24, 2018

This moon has a gorgeously charged one that seems to fly in the face of the energetic of the Fall Seasons.

The dance between Libra and Aries is one I live with on the daily between my husband and I and frankly, this Libra heart loves the lessons of Aries, even when it’s frustrating!

There is a clarity of purpose and aim that Aries brings to the table, along with a clear definition of identity and capacity. In a mate, it’s sexy, and in the dance between the Full Moon and the Sun during the Harvest season, it can be a bit confusing when you consider that this is the time to rest.

For me, the action-driven energetic of Aries comes with a laser focus. And though instinctually we are all feeling the tug to slow down, let things go and rest after a long season of work, it’s the drive of Aries that can help us look over our lives, our commitments and all the noise that surrounds our lives and being the work of culling the unnecessary.

That can take vision, work, determination and decisive swift action. Aries is good for that. This Full Moon is really good for that.

Journal, assess, look things over and be swift about deciding what no longer serves you. Let this Full Moon shine a bright light on the whole of your life and identify that which you’re done with, that which is taking too much of your time, or those habits that are draining you and doing more harm than good.

Let it go. Honor it, name it and then kiss it good by.

This is the season to Harvesting the gold, and letting go of the drag. You are preparing to enter into the Dream time of Winter, and here we enter, stripped bare and ready for renewal.

Moon Water Magick

That jar of water is filled with Citrine and charging for the upcoming Harvest Spells that will take place for Harvesting The Honey. This water will be part of an activator used in all 6 of the abundance spells that will take place over the next 6 months. The energy is building… can you feel it?

There are still spaces left to join us in this journey. Click the link in the profile and then click on Harvesting The Honey. I’d love to make magick with you.

For more information on working with Moon Water Magick go HERE.

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