Learn Tarot: The Star Tarot Card

Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Numerology: 17, 8
Hebrew Letter: Tzaddi

Keywords: Healing, Hope, Renewal, Dream, Rest, Break, Play, Innovation, Networking, Friendships, Serenity, Transferred Knowledge

Reversed Keywords: Stop, Relaxation, Be Patient, A Delay, Distance, Detachment, Obscuration, Hopelessness, Unwell, Missed Opportunities, Blocks to Renewal

Arriving at this card after a long journey, the Fool finds a bit of respite. There is a spaciousness to this card, a since of expanded time and the ability to perhaps play a bit to rejuvenate after the long hard work of the previous few cards. For now, things feel like they have settled in their place enough to take a deep breath and just rest.

Lessons have been learned by now. Experience has been gained and the Fool reaches a place of both integration and pause. The mind is given a chance to rearrange all this new knowledge into a new perspective and the ability to look out over the larger picture becomes more acute.

We all reach plateaus like this in our lives while we cycle through lessons and our cyclical journeys. It’s both a time of rest and a signal that an elevation or next level expansion is coming. In that sense, this card showing up in a reading announces an arrival of sorts, but also, the launching of an upcoming new cycle or journey of learning.

The other beautiful wisdom of this card is that in the pause comes the healing. Which… is a lesson we often struggle to integrate; in order to heal, rest must occur, integration of new information or modalities or lifestyles is needed.

The Star Reversed

We fight our natural rhythms sometimes, either because we become habituated in a specific portion of the cycle or because there is a pay off to being in the struggle and conflict. What happens then, is that when the natural moment to rest, pause and be in serenity comes around, we resist, either consciously or unconsciously.

Clinging to drama, conflict or unsettledness creates a holding patter where you’ll no longer be growing in the conflict, but stuck in it. The necessary place of pause, rest and integration will be blocked and movement forward in your natural evolution will be stunted.

This card showing up reversed points to that and the need to embrace this shift in your life and allow it to renew you.

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