Learn Tarot: The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card

Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Numerology: 10, 1
Hebrew Letter: Kaph

Keywords: Kismet, Destiny, Serendipity, Turning Point, Luck, Expansion, Karma
Reversed Keywords: Flux, Unrest, Mischance, Misfortune, Bad Luck, Obstacles, Resistance

Upright Meaning of The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card

Generally, The Wheel of Fortune is about moving with the current. It’s important to distinguish this current. It is the slipstream of energy and alignment in one’s life and NOT the current of conformity. When we are in alignment with our internal and external worlds, life flows and luck flows. In this state, we are more open to serendipity and the influences of fate and expansion. It is, in fact, one of the secrets to creating magick and manifesting in our lives. This slipstream is everything.

The other prominent meaning and symbolism of this card is the Wheel. The entire journey and coalesced meaning of the Major Arcana exists in this card. The Wheel of Fortune comes at the midpoint of the archetypal journey of the line up of cards. This in and of itself is a lesson and a mystery, because the card hints at the past returning.

We spiral through our lives revisiting lessons that we have encountered before. We come to recognize that the returning is for deeper learning and not a step backward.

In a reading, The Wheel of Fortune can signal a new level of expansion, a turning point and a deepening of a lesson visited before at some point in your life. It is also an alchemical reminder that it is already all in you as the Fool who is journeying through this life, but the layers are multitude.

This card is about life patterns and thus, karma, destiny, and luck play a big part in the energetic of this card and what it represents in your life.

Reversed Wheel Of Fortune

Have you ever encountered someone that is constantly discontent with things? Someone who reacts to a new idea with criticism or denial? For whom a change of routine creates grumpiness and general resistance?

Perhaps you’ve felt this way as well? It is normal for all of us to have these feelings. But, as a way of life, it is a contrarian vibration that is constantly pushing against the natural flow of abundances, lessons, and evolution. This is the energetic vibration of the Wheel of Fortune reversed!

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

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