Learn Tarot: The Chariot

Element: Water
Planet: The Moon
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Numerology: 7
Timing: Cancer, June 21 – July 22
Hebrew Letter: Cheth

Keywords: Victory, Willpower, Control, Jurisdiction, Movement, Direction, Ambition, Mastery, Energy, Drive

The Chariot Tarot card is all about movement (that can be emotional, psychological, energetic, physical, intellectual, creative, etc). And it’s critical to note that movement happens when it’s unfettered, devoid of obstacles. So in that sense it’s also about overcoming whatever obstacles might be in your way as you move right on through them.

Movement brings up direction, intention, control, choices and growth. It also brings up the energetics of momentum and velocity and the way they are able to build things up if managed with increasing mastery.

But make note, movement isn’t always about velocity and velocity isn’t always about increasing speed. Slow and steady is equally powerful and the key is that there is movement.

The Magickal Implications Of This Card

For those of you who have worked with spells, energy, and manifesting anything in your life, there is a deeper wisdom in this card that can’t be overlooked.

Movement creates a magnetic, a suction in the space you leave behind you that pulls and seduces that which you are embodying. Intention here is critical, clear aim is everything and the pull you create is a by product of just simply moving in the direction of what you set your aim for.

This is perhaps the simplest and hardest to grasp part of the energetics of manifestation. But it’s all here in this one card.


If you think about water and the way it moves, the stream, or the waves or water over rocks, over sand, over your hands as it comes out of a faucet…. It flows, slides, glides, and keeps moving along despite what happens to be in front of it’s trajectory. If you have ever found yourself floating in a river or the ocean, you’ll be pulled along with the motion in the direction of wherever the water happens to be moving towards.

You have the body memory already in you from countless life experiences. And THIS is the essence of this movement. It’s not forced, it’s not the crackle and acceleration of fire. It’s a graceful, smooth or explosive flow that happens in various volumes, but with it’s own elemental energetic.

Meditation on the motion and flow of water is a great way to familiarize ourselves with this card because it teaches us about the exact orientation of the way it moves and gives us indications about what our state of being can be when manifesting through movement in our lives.

Reversed Keywords: Turbulence, Wrong Direction, Scattered, Breakdown, Aimless

Reversed this card creates panic, anxiety, chaos because the pace is either erratic, too fast, too slow, or stunted in some way. Aimlessness afflicts this card, too much noise, being totally guided by the waves of emotionality and not balancing it with the rest of your being, particularly the mind, the logic, and the ability to see the bigger picture.

There is also a tendency to resist motion if there is a lack of trust in the process, life or yourself. There is a flailing that comes from a lack of intention, clarity and choice. Mastery is the component of this card that comes in to rectify this and help ease you back into the flow.

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