New Moon In Gemini, June 13, 2018

New Moon Sign: Gemini
Element: Air
Type: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
Themes/Symbolism: Communication, Expression, Exchange, Information, Indecision, Overstimulation, Plans, Ideas
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Sun Sign: Gemini
Time: 12:43 PM PST

Gemini can be a clean space in which to choose a path and learn it, study, apply and use it to manifest or it can be a confusing cacophony that makes it impossible to make a choice or move.

There is this constant tension between the duality of this sign and when this is the state of things, paralysis and anxiety ensues.

It is said that Gemini is constantly in search of its twin, but when that search happens outside of oneself, there is never any success. The twin is within, it’s the sacred mirror that ultimately, in this case, is about self-facing.

And in that exists the deeper lesson of walking a Gemini path. For the purposes of this lunar energy, though, it’s a little different. A bit clear and easier if we allow it.

New Moon In Gemini

I love this Moon because it happens at the middle point of the year, 6 months after the goal setting of Winter Solstice or New Years. And it’s a point in which most people, including me, have veered off a bit from that very concise plan that was made at the beginning of this Solar Year.

This is the point where a refocus needs to happen; where all the other distractions and lovely new opportunities or ideas need to be acknowledged, thanked and put down in a notebook for another day. Here is the moment where you can return to the one thing that needs you focus and attention in order to achieve what you set out to achieve in the beginning.

And if that one thing is something you need to study, learn or work at gaining more information on, this is the perfect New Moon for that.

Anything related to the mind, to communication, to writing, to information and expanding in the realm of Air and Mind and Connections is a perfect place to rest your focus right now.

Moon Water Magick

This room mist is something I use around my desk or where I’m going to sit down to read something I want to learn and really absorb. One of its main ingredients is Bergamot which is also ruled by Mercury and Air.

Bergamot Mint Room Mist

  • 2 oz Charged Moon Water in Gemini
  • 5 drops of Bergamot oil
  • 1 drop of Mint oil
  • 7 drops of a base alcohol (this is optional as a preservative and carrier of the scent, I don’t use it)

Mix ingredients into a spray pump bottle. Shake vigorously before using and then spritz a few pumps in the air around the space you are going to sit at each time you want to clear your mind and open up to receive what you will be working on.

For information on how to create Moon Water go HERE.

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