• Full Moon​​: 4° Scorpio 25´
  • Time:​​ October 27th 11:38 PM EDT/ 8:38 PM PDT
  • Element​​: Water
  • Modality:​​ Fixed
  • Ruler:​​ Mars and Pluto
  • Theme: New emotional cycle of six months, inner and outer transformation, endings and new beginnings, death and rebirth. 


New Moons mark the end and the beginning of the 29.5 day lunar cycle. Every month it happens in the same zodiac sign and degree as the Sun. Thus, it occurs when both luminaries make an exact conjunction that results with the Moon being overshadowed. Symbolically, this merges our external identity/presence (Sun), with our inner world and emotional nature (Moon).  This is when the waning dark moon has reached completion and it’s in its darkest phase, making us go deep within. Therefore, it’s still a moment of stillness, recharging and for retreating. However, as it also represents the aperture in the ground to plant seeds, it’s perfect to set intentions that you want to manifest in sixth months.


The New Moon will occur at 4 degrees of Scorpio, a fixed and water sign traditionally ruled by Mars and modernly ruled by Pluto. The two luminaries will be exactly opposing electric Uranus at the moment of their exact conjunction. This begins a new emotional cycle of sixth months that will bring surprises, unexpected change, transformation and a new beginning in the area of lives it will transit in our chart. Mercury is also soon to retrograde in this sign. Thus, metaphorically speaking, it’s indicative that a revision and a shedding of the old and dead needs to be done this season while Uranus’s presence during this lunar event indicates that the skin that will resurface be distinct and unique. Hence, it will ultimately bring transformation, but only after the shadow work that Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will invite us to do.


The intense and transformative energies of Scorpio began from October 3rd to the 8th since Pluto stationed direct and Mercury & Venus entered this sign. Now with the Sun making its entrance in Scorpio and this New Moon, its energies will now be in full power, bringing a time of shedding and regeneration. Mercury will station retrograde on the night of Samhain which, makes it extra spooky as we will be fully diving through the dark waters of our psyche and bringing light to them as a way to confront our shadow and heal it. 


This process of shadow work must be from something we are already aware of as the full moons of Aries, Cancer and Libra season were all conjunct Pluto. For, if you read their lunar reports, all of them suggested that it was a time when the dark side of ourselves or things around us were going to come out. So what shadow aspects were projected, what secrets were discovered, what issues with betrayals, power struggles and control were illuminated? Now during this season, we will be healing from anything that is currently intoxicating our emotional well being like hatred, resentment, guilt, envy, etc. Mars, modern ruler of Scorpio, that deals with these type of feelings, is moving through the sign of Libra, indicating a liberation of tensions or of making final decisions as it will be squaring the lunar nodes, Saturn and Pluto. However, the planets in Scorpio will be making harmonious aspects to these last ones, indicating a time of rebuilding and regeneration.


What do you need to heal from? What decision do you need to finally make for your wellbeing? How can you add more passion in your life? What needs regeneration and transformation in your life? All of these are questions to take action on during Mercury Retrograde. The New Moon will begin an emotional cycle that is then ideal to alchemize, to turn lead into gold. If there is the need to destroy and deconstruct something in your life, then this transit is an opportunity to begin this process.


Uranus is the planet of revolution, radical change, disruption and surprises. In the sign of Taurus, it’s paradoxical, as this sign is connected with stability and it resists change. Thus, Uranus colored by this sign destabilizes where there have been resistance to change and stagnation. The New Moon making an exact opposition to it at 4 degrees, is indicative that this new cycle that begins will be impacted by the lightning of Uranus. This means that there are two houses/areas of life in your chart that will be influenced by this lunar event, which is where the New Moon is transiting and where Uranus is, which is in the opposite house. 


This New Moon is an opportunity to begin a process of transformation and regeneration, to alchemize your life. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is ideal for this as it will help you dive deep into the root of this process and eliminate anything that have been delaying growth or healing. This transit will last until November 20th, thus, almost all of Scorpio Season. Hence, from this New Moon it’s perfect to begin to introspect on your shadow.

This new emotional cycle will last six months until the Full Moon in Scorpio of May 2020, which is when we will meet the culmination and the blooms of the seeds we planted. Thus, it’s also ideal to write a list of your intentions for what you want to transform in your life. This lunar event is also perfect to do shadow work and since, this is the sign that rules everything related to death, and Samhain is close, it’s also excellent to do ancestral work.


Where the New Moon will be transiting indicates the area of life where a new emotional cycle begins. However, it will be affected by the opposite house which is where Uranus is transiting. For example, if the luminaries will be in your seventh house, the opposite house is the first one; if they’re in the eighth house, then the second one; in the ninth house, then the third one; and so forth.

This is based on your ascendant and in a whole sign house system. You can also look in your chart if you have any planet at 4 degrees, for then the Sun, Moon and Uranus, will be making an aspect to it. The Sun/Rising signs mostly affected will be Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo. Water and Earth Signs, excluding the one’s above, will be impacted more harmoniously (Pisces, Cancer; Capricorn & Virgo).

  • Scorpio: In the first house. Hence, the house of self, your appearance and personality.
  • Sagittarius:​ In the twelfth house. Thus, the area of the subconscious mind, dreams, karma, confinement, working ‘under the radar’.
  • Capricorn:​ In the eleventh house. Hence, the area of networks, group of friends, connections, humanitarian efforts and goal setting.
  • Aquarius: ​In the tenth house. Thus, the area of career, public image and reputation.
  • Pisces:​ In the ninth house. Hence, the area of travel, higher knowledge, book publishing, adventure, foreign people and countries.
  • Aries: ​In the eighth house. Thus, in the area investments, inheritance and debts. Also in the area of death, rebirth, the shadow side and sexuality.
  • Taurus: ​In the seventh house. Hence, the area of relationships, weddings, partnerships, laws and justice.
  • Gemini: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of service-based work, health, routines, and habits.
  • Cancer: ​In the fifth house. Thus, the area of creativity, fertility, children, and dating.
  • Leo: In the fourth house. Hence, the area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Virgo: ​In the third house. Thus, the area of communication, intellect, education, brothers, and neighbors.
  • Libra: ​In the second house. Hence, the area of finances, possessions and your value system


  • What area of lives will the New Moon and Uranus influence?
  • How do they relate to my current situation and what ending and new beginning am I experiencing there?
  • Where am I currently stagnated and what needs transformation in my life?
  • How can I add more passion and excitement in that area?
  • What shadow aspects and intoxicating feelings do I need to release so I then can meet transformation?
  • What do I need to heal and release so that I meet a new beginning and not the start of another vicious cycle.

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