New Moon in Leo, August 18th, 2020

  • New Moon: 26° Leo 35′
  • Date: August 18th, 2020
  • Time: 10:42 pm ET / 7:42 pm PST
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruler: The Sun


The New/Dark Moon marks the beginning of an emotional cycle that will reach its climax in six months with the Full Moon of the same zodiac sign. Every month it happens in the same sign and degree as the Sun. Thus, it occurs when both luminaries are in a perfect conjunction that results with the Moon being completely overshadowed. Symbolically, this merges our external identity/conscience (Sun), with our inner, subconscious world and emotional nature (Moon).

This is when the waning moon has reached completion and it’s in its darkest phase, making us go deep within. Therefore, it’s still a moment of stillness, recharging and for retreating. However, as it also represents the time to plant seeds, and the Moon approaches to display its first silver line, it’s perfect to set intentions that you want to manifest in sixth months with the Full Moon.


The New Moon will occur at 26 degrees of Leo, a fixed and fire sign ruled by the Sun. The luminaries will be right conjunct Mercury forming a grand fire trine with Mars and the South Node, whilst in a minor grand trine with the North Node, resulting in a Kite Pattern in the sky. This geometric pattern formed during the New Moon, opens a new emotional of six months charged with a magnificent potential for creating change and with enthusiastic and auspicious energies for starting new projects, ventures, goals or following a new purpose and mission.

However, this fire trine is challenged by the perpetual opposition between the lunar nodes, meaning that this new beginning is followed by leaving behind old schools of thought and belief systems (South Node in Sagittarius) and going towards a new and unexplored path (North Node in Gemini). This last lunar node is the midpoint of the trine between the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Leo and Mars in Aries, meaning that it will be facilitating this harmonious aspect by providing it a sense of direction and purpose while creating movement and change with its air and mutable qualities. Hence, its opposition with the other lunar node is indicating where to move away from.


Two weeks before this New Moon we had the Full Moon in Aquarius, the lunar climax of Leo Season. This lunar event announced radical and significant changes, calling for us to break free from the norm, limits and from stagnation in order to reinvent ourselves and bring progress and growth to different areas of our lives. Although it happened in the sign of Aquarius, remember that a Full Moon occurs when the luminaries are in opposition. Hence the house where the Sun in Leo transited in our natal chart was equally involved in these augured significant shifts.

This is the same area where this New Moon will transit, so it makes total sense that this lunar event will be asking us to move away from our limiting beliefs and outdated perspectives or ways of thinking after we’ve felt the push and the desire to reinvent and liberate ourselves from suppression with the Full Moon. Further, this new lunar cycle highlights that we will be the co-creators of that change as we have four personal planets greatly involved, one being Mars, the planet of action, fueling us with enthusiasm to move forward confidently and take bold action. Therefore, it’s up to us to make our intentions happen.


The Sun, Moon and Mercury will be conjunct in the sign of Leo while making a harmonious aspect to Mars in Aries. This planet, known as the planet of war and action is in its home sign, but will be going retrograde from September 9th to November 13th. This indicates that in the first months of this six month cycle, we will be taking action on those goals we left on hold, eliminating obstacles in our path or we will be channeling its energy to take action in a way that’s different and innovating. 


Every lunation in the sign of Leo asks us to open our hearts to change, to love, joy and pleasure, while inviting us to cultivate our confidence, connect with our inner child and let the wild wo/man within shine through. The Full Moon in Aquarius asked us to liberate ourselves from suppression, inhibition and to come out of hiding. For that, this New Moon that has the South Node as the focal point in the Kite Pattern formed, asks us to release old ways of thinking and to break free from the limits that stem from our belief system or society’s expectations of us.

For this reason, Mars retrograde will be about doing those things we’ve never dared before just because we thought we were not going to succeed. Thus, this New Moon is for you to let go of insecurities and to begin to step into your power by beginning to trust your abilities and embracing that which makes you unique. Also, to step away from repression, begin speaking your truth and affirm yourself fully and authentically.


This will be the magic behind the great potential for creative change and growth that this lunar event indicates and the success behind the goals we will begin executing on. The North Node as the midpoint between the planets that will be fueling us with confidence and the desire to take action, highlights that as a result we will begin exploring new territory and following a new path. For instance, this New Moon is for you to set the intention to manifest a new vision and to achieve whichever objective you have in mind by believing in yourself and letting your true self shine and stand out. You may meet the results with the Full Moon in Leo of 2021 and when Mars is already direct.


Where the New Moon will be transiting in your chart indicates the area of life where a new cycle of six months begins in which there is a great opportunity and potential for growth and manifesting change. Look for your Sun/Rising sign below, this is based on a whole sign system.

If you would like to work with this New Moon and support me on Patreon, I will be publishing an Ebook there with an extended report to learn more about this lunar event, a workbook with journal prompts, a horoscope for your sign and a tarot spread.

  • Leo:  In the first house, the house of self, your appearance and personality.
  • Virgo:​ In the twelfth house, the area of the unconscious, dreams, loss and karma.
  • Libra:​ In the eleventh house, the area of networks, group of friends, connections, humanitarian efforts and goal setting.
  • Scorpio: ​In the tenth house, the area of career, public image and reputation.
  • Sagittarius:​ In the ninth house, the area of travel, higher knowledge, book publishing, adventure, foreign people and countries.
  • Capricorn: ​In the eighth house, the area investments, inheritance and debts. Also in the area of death, rebirth, the shadow side and sex; the merge of resources/energy with a partner.
  • Aquarius: ​In the seventh house, the area of relationships, weddings, partnerships, laws and justice.
  • Pisces: ​In the sixth house, the area of service-based work, health, routines, and habits.
  • Aries: ​In the fifth house, the area of creativity, fertility, children, and dating.
  • Taurus: In the fourth house. The area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Gemini: ​In the third house, the area of communication, intellect, education, brothers, and neighbors.
  • Cancer: ​In the second house, the area of finances, possessions and your value system.

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  1. ” Where the New Moon will be transiting in your chart indicates the area of life where a new cycle of six months begins in which there is a great opportunity and potential for growth and manifesting change. Look for your Sun/Rising sign below, this is based on a whole sign system”

    ??Sun or Rising sign they are different??

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