Inner Revealings, August 16, 2020

Inner Revealings Tarot is a weekly opportunity to consult the cards for a set of questions with which to practice Self Inquiry. Each Sunday, 4 cards will open a door to deeper self-knowledge. All that’s needed is a journal, tea and some quiet time to reflect and dive in.

All 4 cards can provide you with 1 question or 3 or 6. It’s not 1 question per card, they are read as a whole.

Remember, these questions are a doorway for exploration. It isn’t uncommon for answers to take time to bubble up, but the mere asking of a question begins to move something in your that will develop into the deeper knowing that will bring you growth.

Please feel free to share insights and thoughts below.


  1. 10 Of Swords
  2. 9 Of Swords
  3. 8 Of Swords
  4. 6 Of Cups


1. Tn the midst of feeling trapped, frustrated and afraid of the future, what if anything has given you a sense of pleasure or expansion this week?
2. What activities, practices, circumstances tend to help you feel free and filled with possibility and pleasure?
3. Which one of those things will you commit to doing this week in order to counter-balance the heaviness of despair or frustration in your life right now?

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  1. Merry Morning! from San Antonio, TX. and Goddess Blessings to you Elena Rego! Thank you!!! for all the Magick that is about to be showered on to me. With tea at my side this morning and journal writing I am feeling amazing visiting your site and looking Very! much to my Witches Box, and other goodies that I ordered as much as I am awaiting for Autumn season to get here. Goddess Bless! )O(

    1. Yes! Elena is using the Rohrig Tarot here – it’s unfortunately out of print but you can still find some (very expensive, understandably) used copies online.

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