Full Moon In Aquarius With Partial Eclipse August 7, 2017

There is a lot being written and shared online about this Full Moon in Aquarius. And though for a brief moment I wavered between giving you the super distilled version and the hyper detailed correspondences and stories behind it, I landed on the choice I tend to move to in my own personal work:

How do you feel?

What parts of your world have been stirring, restless, brought up into hyper focus? What in your world is feeling the affects, even though you might not know what the cause was?

If there is ever ONE thing I could impart to you about learning how to work with the energetics of the moon it’s this: Nothing will tell you more about the Moon in her signs as your own personal and direct experience. Nothing.

Keeping It Simple

We are currently experiencing a Full Moon in Aquarius with a partial eclipse. No small thing, this. And it’s easy to get swept up in not just the energetic of such an astrological event, but also in the flurry of reactivity people around us seem to be having to this event as well.

Not knowing what is driving the shifts and upheavals a Full Moon brings can create a lot of emotional, spiritual and psychological chaos as people flail through the process.

Yours/ours, is to come back to center, return to the sacred space of our bodies and pay attention. Ask the deeper questions and listen to the specific lessons and parts of you that the Moon is here to illuminate.

Keep it simple: how do you feel? What parts of your world have been stirring, restless, brought up into hyper focus? What parts of your life and being want to be looked at, witnessed and honored at this time?

Aquarius And Her Eclipse

Aquarius is Air, the mind, community networks and clarity to see a larger picture. The detachment of this air sign allows for pulling back, reducing some of the emotional noise in order to really see the fuller board at play. The eclipse tends to draw our hyper focus to those things that tend to be occluded from sight, hidden, harder to see in the haze.

Both of these energies are powerful on their own, but together, it can be an energetic for deep Seeing while holding the ramifications of the larger picture in mind. This kind of clarity can have far reaching ramifications in our lives.

What this is will be different for each of us. For me? I’m seeing the deeper details of what made me… visions from such small and long forgotten corners that they were breath taking in their wallop. But the bigger picture serves to give context, perspective and solace so as not to get sucked down into the potential devastation of such revealings.

This is perhaps the greatest gift of Aquarius in my mind; the larger context of our lives can serve to mitigate the pull of our emotional responses to our darker parts, our wounds and reluctantly owned parts.

Personally, this is the stuff I was made for! I love digging in deep, finding the clues of things and then placing those puzzle pieces into their right slots in the grander scheme.

Magical Working

One of the simplest but for me the most beautiful things to do when working with lunar magic and personal development (because our magic always transforms us much more than the world around us) is creating Moon Water.

Find a lovely glass, chalice, bottle of water (glass only) and fill it with fresh water. It’s best if you are able to cap, seal or close the bottle in some way to keep it safe, or place something on top of the chalice to keep debris from falling into the water.

On the night of the Full Moon, place the water outside over night. The Full Moon and her energies along with your intentions will imbue that water, which can then be used for many things as you work at your altar. For a little extra extra, I’d place the water out there on the night before the Full Moon, the night of the Full Moon and the night after the Full Moon.

Another detail here is that if you decide to collect these waters over time, remember label them with the dates and the sign of each Moon you collected water from. This will help you track which bottle holds what energetic.

But for this particular Moon Water, I love to drink it the following morning in a meditation on the lessons and wisdom gathered while riding the energy of this moon. It’s a powerful one, and who better to imbue with the ability to see the details as well as the larger picture than yourself?

It’s a skill every Witch can use.

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