New Moon In Sagittarius, December 18, 2017

Is it possible to be a Witch or in my case, a Libra Sun with a Virgo Moon, and not love the magick and order and balance that comes in living in a universe of cycles?

Round and round we go, conception, birth, pregnancy, decline, death. We live this in the Solar Cycle, the Moon Cycle, our life cycle… round and round we go.

But it’s not a closed loop, right? It’s a spiral that either takes us deeper, or elevates us higher depending on where we are in our personal and spiritual evolution. And be clear, direction isn’t a sign of value… spiraling deeper is just as potent and necessary as spiraling higher. There is wisdom and magick and truth in all of it.

New Moon In Sagittarius

So here we are, at the end of this Solar Cycle, at the beginning of this Lunar Cycle, and in a place that is meant to help set us up for the next year to come.

Having gone through the letting go of Fall, the culling of the unnecessary or pruning back of that which no longer serves us… we have come into that place where we Dream.

The Winter is the place of the Dream, the ground, the hibernation where we have brought with us only the necessary in order to rest, replenish and prepare for the cycle or year to come.

And here, in this place that is seemingly very quiet, very still, very dark… is this light… this fire.  Sagittarius.

New Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Themes/Symbolism: Launch, Expansion, Gaining wisdom that comes from direct experience
Tarot Card: Temparence
Sun Sign: Sagittarius

That Word Which Is Your Seed

There is this ritual that started a while back, like 10 years ago or so, where people started choosing a word to amplify in their lives in the upcoming year. You see it all over social media and it’s a great reminder to set an intention for the new year.

This word is a thing, a concept, a path, a vibration that we want to expand and grow in our lives and ourselves. Sagittarius is like this. Sagittarius coming at this time of the Solar Cycle is exactly this in many ways.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is about expansion, launching, exploring, new experiences, meaning and purpose.

New Moon in Sagittarius magick is all about this. It’s about that one thing that is there, pulsing within you, desiring to come out, be learned, grow more in you and express itself.

You’ve culled away all that is no longer serving in your world now, so what is it that is still there?
What is it that wants to amplify and grow in your being for this coming cycle?
This is the intention you set for this New Moon.

What is the vibration and word for your next year? This is the question the New Moon in Sagittarius is asking you.

This is the intention that will expand and grow you in the coming year.

Moon Water Magick

This is the one Moon Water of the year to use all year long. Charge your water under this Sagittarius New Moon and then use it to help imbue all the rest of next year with this intention of yours.

Right after you’ve charged it, do a meditation and drink some, taking in the intention and commitment to this word you are bringing into your life and expanding in this next year.

From then on you only need a drop or two and you can use it all year long in the following ways:

  • Anointing oils
  • Your Imbolc Bath ritual
  • In the first month ONLY – recipes for special meals to eat, preferably ritual meals
  • To spritz your altar
  • Bless your magickal plants
  • Mix with ink that you use to write in your Book of Shadow
  • and anything else that would magically take a little dab of water

If you want more information on working with Moon Water, go HERE.

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