Black Moon in Leo, August 27th-29th, 2019

  • Waning Crescent: Leo
  • Begins: August 27th 7:53 PM EDT / 4:53 PM PDT
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Planetary Ruler: The Sun


The dark/ balsamic moon is the phase in which the Moon is still showing a thin silver line, at the verge of becoming invisible in the night sky. Hence, the term blackmooning. Symbolically, this is the phase when it’s decaying, close to dying and being rebirthed after the New Moon (the Sun and Moon exact conjunction). For instance, it will begin as a waning crescent and come out of its dark phase after the merging of these last two luminaries.


Further, it always begins in the sign of the last astrological season and thus, of the last New Moon. It represents the time when we’re heading back to the cave, when we return from our journey through the outside and head towards our inner/underworld. In its growing phase we meet the outer expression of that sign during the lunation. Conversely, when it’s in its waning phase, we meet its inner expression, as the Sun is no longer in that sign. Further, it invites us to rest, recharge, release from energetic or body toxins, banish what we want out or cut the cords that attach us to the past. It’s when we commune with the dark goddess, meet with our shadow side and begin to introspect.


As the full moon represents the climax and blossoming of the lunar cycle, the New Moon is the beginning and ending, a moment for planting seeds or conceiving. Hence, the balsamic moon is the phase before the ending and the beginning of the lunar cycle. For instance, making it ideal to prepare for the new beginning incoming by leaving behind old ways, habits or that which no longer serves.

In addition, as the Moon is gradually losing the light it reflects from the Sun, a light that represents the vital life force, we may feel a lack of energy. Hence we may feel called to rest in order to recharge for the new cycle.


On August 27th, the Moon will change to Leo and blackmooning time begins. It’s then perfect to reflect on what surged during the last lunation and what needs to end before beginning the new lunar cycle. The astrological events during Leo season invited us to follow our soul’s desires, to begin cultivating our inner light and express ourselves wholeheartedly. Thus, it’s a moment to reflect on the intentions set and close the chapter of Leo.


During its first degrees, the dark Moon will be first making a soft aspect to asteroid Chiron, the wounded healer, and a tense one with electric Uranus in Taurus. Hence, its energy may invoke unresolved or subconscious feelings. For instance, this makes it excellent for introspecting on them in order to gain clarity on what exactly needs healing. After it makes a harmonious contact with Jupiter, it will be void of course, further intensifying the decaying energy of the dark moon for a longer period of time, as it will happen at the half of its 2 day transit.


During blackmooning time, any ritual or spell should be for releasing, banishing and healing. In the fiery and fixed sign of the lion, we can work with the element of fire, turning to aches what we want to leave behind and sweeping it away for the New Moon in Virgo of August 30th.

Since we are turning the Leo energy inward, it’s excellent to introspect on what aspects of our shadow affect our outer expression. For example, we may often project what is not healed or resolved unto others. Other times, inhibit our true personality due to fear of being judged. Thus, during the New Moon in Leo, we set the intention to begin cultivating our inner light. We also had the Venus Star Point in this sign, in which a true heart’s desire was illuminated.

Now, with this waning phase we can burn away what prevents us from following our hearts or the impure shadows that dim our light. Thus, why this element is highly symbolical for this because it doesn’t only burn things, but it sometimes heals and treats wounds. This is because it purifies and eliminates what contaminates it. Analogically, we can see it as putting the light to where there was a shadow or healing the wounds of the ego, as that is what may prevent us from shining our true and pure self.

For a Ritual you can perform to work the energy of this Moon, go HERE.

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