Dark Moon In Leo Release Ritual

Here at The Witches Box, we have focused on and offered readings on the New Moon and Full Moon since the beginning. 

As Witches, who practice our spirituality as the path of connection to all around us, the Moon has and will always be one of the many potent energetics that inform our work and our growth.

As the New Moon supports our beginnings, the Full Moon supports our peek celebration and culmination of power, and so we also turn to the Dark Moon or Black Moon for an essential part of any cycle, that of release, cleansing and death.

Each month we will share a ritual that will support our Black Moon readings by Kiara Stellar and give you options for how to work with this powerful point in the lunar phase. This ritual has been written to go with the Black Moon in Leo, which you can read about HERE.

From THIS blog post:

The dark/ balsamic moon is the phase in which the Moon is still showing a thin silver line, at the verge of becoming invisible in the night sky. Hence, the term blackmooning. Symbolically, this is the phase when it’s decaying, close to dying and being rebirthed after the New Moon (the Sun and Moon exact conjunction). For instance, it will begin as a waning crescent and come out of its dark phase after the merging of these last two luminaries.

Further, it always begins in the sign of the last astrological season and thus, of the last New Moon. It represents the time when we’re heading back to thecave, when we return from our journey through the outside and head towards our inner/underworld. In its growing phase we meet the outer expression of that sign during the lunation. Conversely, when it’s in its waning phase, we meet its inner expression, as the Sun is no longer in that sign. Further, it invites us to rest, recharge, release from energetic or body toxins, banish what we want out or cut the cords that attach us to the past. It’s when we commune with the dark goddess, meet with our shadow side and begin our introspection

Intention: Working with the energy of the Leo Black/Dark Moon to ride the dying fires for the release of that which holds us back.

This release ritual is great for any dark moon phase, but in particular this one when Leo is the sign of fire and harnesses the energy of the Sun.

Quote for this intention:
“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” – Toni Morrison

Items Needed:

  • Cauldron
  • Black Votive
  • Candle
  • Releasing incense of choice
  • Piece of paper and pen (optional:  magical ink for release work)


  • Cast circle
  • Light incense
  • Drop into meditation on the Moons energy (read the Black Moon post HERE for this)
  • And when ready, ask yourself the following question:  What in your life right now is holding you back from the fullest expression of yourself?
  • When you have your answer, write it down on the piece of paper.
  • Fold it and hold it in your hand as you contemplate offering it to the fire of this Leo Moon and letting it go.
  • When you are ready, light the candle inside the cauldron and (safely!) offer up the piece of paper to the flame to burn.
  • Watch it burn as you offer yourself and this thing gratitude for whatever lessons it’s offered you and then bid it farewell.
  • Continue to stay here in meditation while the candle burns away the last of this part of you.
  • When ready, close the circle.

*This ritual was written specifically for the Black Moon in Leo, but can also be used at other waning moon phases.

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