Full Moon in Libra + Blue Moon, March 31, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Libra
Element: Air
Type: Cardinal
Planet: Venus
Themes/Symbolism: Balance, Justice, Beauty, Logic,
Tarot Card: Justice
Sun Sign: Aries
Time: March 31, 2018 5:37 AM PDT, Second Full Moon of the month – Blue Moon

Wheewwweeee… This one is a biggie. For all of Libras beautiful balance, this Full Moon seems to only want to shed a light on all the things in your life that are decidedly NOT in balance.

I’m so down for any Full Libra Moon in the Sun Sign of Aries. It’s not only my jam, but it’s a karmic frequency I’m here in this life to dance in. But this Full Moon? I have no words. So here is a very short and sweet note to all of you regarding the dynamics at play along with a very adult suggestion for Full Moon magick, which is also a sneak peek at the theme of this upcoming box.

Three Lessons About Balance, This Full Moon + How We Dance Through The Overwhelm Of Our Lives

  1. There is no such thing as balance. It suggests an equality of time investments, of feelings, of a pie that very neatly subdivides all aspects of your life without a single hair, crumb or letter out of place. We need to let this nonsense go. We exist in a dynamic seascape where our lives undulate like rolling waves in the vast ocean. Sometimes it’s more of one thing than the other, sometimes it flattens out for a rest, but it’s never static, because life isn’t static. And part of being intuitive and tuned in spiritual beings is about paying attention, being responsive and adaptive to things as they start to roll.
  2. Permission is needed to just Be as you are throughout what is happening in your day to day. This permission has to come from you. We can’t look, feel and be perfect all the time and this means that we are not always going to know how to behave when things are overwhelming or feel “out of balance.” Give yourself room to wing it, be messy, not know and be a jumble of all the feels.
  3. Set time aside to pay attention. Check in with how you feel, what is running through your mind on repeat, what your body and it’s sensations is telling you. It’s these details that give us an ideal of how we are doing with the “dynamic balance” of our lives.

Full Moon Magick, The Orgasmic Way

I’ll be writing much more about this on the blog as the new Witches Box makes it’s way into the world, but for now, know this: The body, as in your body, my body, our bodies, is the seat of our most potent magick.

Each time I post about the moon, I add a little something about what you can do with your Moon Water to support your magical workings.

This wee is different.

I’m going to suggest a little sex/orgasm magick.

And this isn’t about the Great Rite, or the 5 fold kiss or even about sex with a partner. The more I study this, the more I’m seeing that sex magick with a partner is an entirely other thing and when we are talking about simple and direct manifesting rituals the world, solo practice is best.

So, let me suggest that for the next few Full Moons… and even for the New Moons, you cast a spell, imbuing it with the energy you raise while climaxing. Test this spell casting method out for yourself and then let me know how it works. I’m telling you… the body is the most potent magickal took you have.

Sex/Orgasm Magick

Intention: A form of magickal manifestation that uses the rising waves of arousal and pleasure to manifest in the world. It is also a deeply intimate and bonding way to create spiritual communion with another person.

Methods: Sex magick can be performed alone, with a partner or a group. Orgasm can be achieved through any means. (Sex or mastubation, etc) It’s important to focus on pleasure not on the getting ‘there’ fast. Riding the pleasure as fully and in the present as possible opens you up receptively and gives you a deeper experience that ends up fueling the mounting energy that will lead to both orgasm and higher percentage of successful spells.

NOTE: The more people involved, the more energetic threads and motivations to manage or take into consideration.

Uses: Can be used to manifest, for fertility and conception and healing work.

When: Can be done any time, but the Full Moon is best indicated for supporting the energy, particularly fertility and conception work, as is the New Moon for manifestation work.

Considerations: Be clear and well intended when it comes to choosing someone to do this kind of work with as there can be a blending of the karmas. Likewise, it can be said that doing this work alone is most effective when directing your energy towards manifesting a clear goal.

Energetic Precautions:

  1. Can be an energy drain.
  2. Hydrate and make sure to eat.
  3. Don’t do this with a partner whose energy you don’t know or don’t want to create ties with.
  4. Using sexual aids for arousal or ease, such as lube is totally fine.

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