Blood Moon Eclipse And Full Moon In Aquarius July 27, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Aquarius
Element: Air
Type: Fixed
Planet: Saturn + Uranus
Themes/Symbolism: Inspiration, Unconventional, Detached, Individualistic, Inventive, Wide Nets, Big Picture
Tarot Card: The Star
Sun Sign: Leo
Time: 8:20 PM GMT Visible in Eastern Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.
Those in Europe can most likely see a partial lunar eclipse.

The energy of this Full Moon has been mounting for weeks. Not only is it Full but we have a complete Lunar Eclipse. The energies are potent and it is a good idea to practice grounding and centering meditations and rituals to remain embodied and present while the Moon has her way with you.

Blood Moon + The Eclipse

A Blood Moon occurs when the Sun aligns behind the Earth and the light is blocked from reaching the Moon. Because of this, the Moon takes on a dark reddish hue in the sky

This Full Moon comes with a Lunar Eclipse that not only happens to be the longest in this century (lasting 1 hour and 44 minutes) but it’s also coming along with 5 planets in retrograde.

Eclipses shift and shake things up. They roll in over time like waves, building energy that ask us to asses our places particularly where it applies to the lens of the Lunar and Solar signs of the time. It’s like a cosmic reset that rolls in and doesn’t care whether you’re ready for it or not.

The best way to dance with this energy is to slow down and do some deep gazing into the truth of your life and world. Self facing is always the name of the game when a Blood Moon Eclipse comes around.

Energetics + Themes Of The Full Moon In Aqurius

With the Full Moon, Eclipse and the 5 planets in retrograde, the energy will feel unstable, jarring. Filtering through the lens of Aquarius, a lot of the disruption could fall in the realm of the mind, thinking, organization and social networks around you.

Pay attention. It’s a good time to really journal and jot down things your notice that come up for you and how you might feel affected by the energies around you.

Don’t let the Airy mentalism of Aquarius fool you though. This will be an emotionally charged time given that Mars is in retrograde which can bring up a lot of impatience, anger and frustration.

Like with all potent planetary aspects, go still, draw inward and really become the detached observer to the circumstances around you and the narrative you have rolling in your mind. It’s when you are able to pull back from the noise this energetic storm seems to create that you’ll be able to really see what this particular reset is for you.

And that’s the work. What is up for you right now? How can you harness that knowledge and Lunar wisdom in order to set exact intentions regarding where you need to point towards.

Yes, it’s potent and potentially disruptive, but it’s also an opportunity to refine. Month after month, the Lunar cycle is a chance for us to continue to refine ourselves, our aims, and our spiritual explorations.

The Magic Of The Reset

For the next 3 days, take some time to sit outside at night under the moon. It’s a lovely thing to find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and create a seat for yourself. On the grass or ground is best. Lay down a blanket or pillow or both and just sit for as long as you can. I recommend trying for 30 minutes at least.

Most of you will not actually get to see the eclipse or the gorgeous redness of the Blood Moon, but you’ll see Her in all her glory.

Absorb the light. Let your body be the vessel of water in the form of blood, that drinks in the energizing vibration. Let Her stir you up, shake things up and channel all of that into a long stream of consciousness writing exercise.

Don’t think about it… just let your mind and soul be a filter through which the Moon light comes through and then channels that energy through you arm and onto the page. Write whatever is coming to you. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be wise and it doesn’t have to be something you share with anyone.

The reset sometimes looks like gibberish. But it’s a cleansing, a refining, a trusted process where you step aside and let something bigger take over.

You might find something potent coming through that you hadn’t thought of before. You might not. It might be that you just purge yourself of noise that gets in the way of you really seeing clearly in that sharp Aquarian eye that can see the big picture as well as the details contained within.


This exercise is potent when you surrender. And the surrender is also the lesson. Because this Moon wants to have Her way with us all.

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