Full Moon In Pisces, August 26, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Pisces
Element: Water
Type: Mutable
Planet: Neptune
Themes/Symbolism: Healing, awareness, dreams, unity, merging, connecting, intuition, psyche
Tarot Card: The Moon
Sun Sign: Virgo
Time: 11:56 UTC

Welcome to the last Full Moon of Summer. There is something nostalgic in that reality. And though it’s been a seriously intense Summer all around, something about the vision of a full moonlit warm night at the end of this high activity season feels romantic in the most nostalgic of ways.

This Moon can be emotional and a bit messy, given that Pisces can struggle with emotional boundaries sometimes. Maturity allows for permeable boundaries that are safe and not reactionary and it’s something to assess during this Moon and in that regard, it also lends us tremendous strength.

One of the gifts that Pisces brings in this way is an open psychic awareness that allows us to look beyond the veil and See.

Divination Work For The Full Moon

I love this Moon for this very reason because it comes at a time in the year where some deep inquiry can be very helpful.

As we stand at the doorway to Fall (in the Northern part of the world), Western culture plays a seriously unbalancing game on us by launching us all into a frenzied Fall and Winter seasons where consumerism, parties, activities and socializing that can lean more towards superficial party small talk rather than deep intimate connections.

All of this is counterintuitive to what the Seasons are really asking of us. It’s counter to nature when we are beginning to harvest, cull back, retreat and let go of what no longer serves us while preparing to enter the dream time of Winter.

So I encourage you for this Full Moon, to linger in the gratitude of what this Summer has been for you and also to start preparing for what the Fall is asking of you.

This is a potent Full Moon to consult the cards, the runes, the scrying mirror, the dream time, the bones, the oracles, and the tea leaves. Drop in and ask yourself and your guides, “What do I need to do to prepare for the most replenishing, potent and transformative Harvest/Fall Season?”

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, drop in the following questions: “What are the seeds that I’m best served to cultivate for this upcoming Spring and Summer Season? What do I need to know, see and do in order to provide the right action and nourishment for those things that desire to manifest through me this year?”

Because of how fuzzy this Moon can make us, be mindful of personal boundaries, set up appropriate protection when doing your divination work and savor how juicy this one is.

Moon Water Magick

Pisces Moon Water is a great tool to consecrate your divination tools with. And as such, can be the key ingredient in cleansing spritzes or a few drops in consecration oil can do the trick.

That said, I drink this one. I very specifically will use this water to boil and step my Damiana leaves in and drink the tea 30 minutes prior to starting my divination work and all during my ritual work.

For information on how to make Moon Water go HERE.

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