Learn Tarot: The Hanged Man Tarot Card

Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Numerology: 12, 3
Hebrew Letter: Mem

Keywords: Accepting, Reflective, Observant, Calm, Sacrifice, Prophecy, Grace, Suspension, Surrender, Shift in perspective,

Reversed Keywords: Selfishness, Martyrdom, Persecution, Habitual Ignorance, Victimization

Continuing on the journey of the Fool, we come upon The Hanged Man, and it’s always a perplexing one for people. Hanging upside down, while seemingly at ease and surrendered can be confusing.

In the journey being taken, AFTER we’ve been through the Hierophant and the Hermit, there is a sense that one way or another the path taken has stepped outside the box. The untraditional or unconventional has been seen, experienced and in some cases chosen.

And so here in this card there is a narrative that the public or society around this Journeyer is disapproving of this unconventional way of living. But the traveler is at peace with his choices. It’s seen in the serene relaxed look on the face of the Hanged Man.

There is a lesson here that I find beautiful. When we come to terms with ourselves, our choices and cast aside, or better yet, never pickup the burden of being reliant on the opinion of others, we are at peace. Criticism, persecution, judgments, don’t affect us, because we are clear on the path of our own making and there is an awareness that external judgement is really not relevant to the quality of authentic living we are seeking to have.

So in a real sense, there is a sacrificing of public opinion in order to live as one chooses to.

Another Interpretation Of The Hanged Man Tarot Card

This card can also symbolize a holding patterning, a literal obstacle to forward movement, change and evolution. It’s as if you’re being held in a holding pattern that you aren’t necessarily bothered by, because in some way this holding pattern provides safety, or is simply a habit.

There can be an attachment here to what is keeping you suspended or stuck. Perhaps it’s a job you’re hoping will get better, but won’t, or a relationship that is stagnating but you’re too afraid to let go and move on. In this instance, the card is a mirror reflection of what you are literally doing – hanging around doing nothing and surrendered to the circumstances you are living in.

Reversed Meaning Of The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The energetic here shifts a bit. There is still a potential stagnation or suspension, but there is a manipulation through martyrdom or self victimization going on under the surface. The self sacrifice becomes a method to manipulate or try to extract a reaction or result from another. It’s a very different drive and motivation when the card is reversed and it’s not so much that the suspension is coming from an external force as much as its an internal tool to create a specific reality.

Deck Used:  Rider Waite Tarot

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