Full Moon in Virgo, February 27th, 2021

  • Full Moon: 8 degrees Virgo 57′
  • Date: February 28th, 2021
  • Time: 3:17 AM ET / 12:17 AM PST
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Co Ruler: Mercury and Ceres


Every month the Moon reaches its fuller phase when it makes an exact opposition with the Sun, representing the peak of the lunar cycle, when emotions are heightened and the subconscious rises to our conscious awareness. Further, it’s a time for harvesting, for it’s when we see the results of what we began during the past New Moon of its same zodiac sign. This makes it perfect to celebrate if you see the blooms of the seeds you planted and/or an opportunity for reflection and gaining emotional clarity on a situation.


Every year, at the veil between the Winter solstice and the Spring Equinox, we have the Sun in Pisces and a Full Moon in Virgo, a mutable Earth sign co-ruled by Mercury and controversially by Ceres. Thus, as we approach the end of the longer nights and the start of the astrological new year, we have this lunar climax that invites us to sweep away the remnants of the past and cleanse from the old by illuminating what no longer has space in our lives and what does, making it convenient as it’s after the powerful New Moon in Aquarius that called for us to plant seeds for the future and new aspirations. 

Further, having this grounded energy heightened during Pisces Season will assist us in getting organized and giving us a more practical perspective as to how we’re going to bring our plans to fruition. Thus, giving us also the needed emotional clarity before the New Moon in Pisces to set new intentions that we will be birthing to light. This last metaphor is because we have Venus in Pisces under the Sun’s beams during these two lunar events, highlighting that something is being conceived, but it’s still in the darkness of the womb and out of our sight.


The closest aspect the Full Moon will be making is a trine to Uranus in Taurus. A trine is a harmonious alignment that always happens between planets in signs of the same element. Thus, here we blend the enduring qualities of Taurus with the artisan and pragmatic qualities of Virgo, helping us construct our future and move towards our plans with a strategy.

However, Uranus in Taurus is actually calling us to make innovative changes outside of our comfort  zone in order to meet progress, although it has been meeting resistance because of its tense square with Saturn. However, the waning trine between Mars and Pluto highlights that success comes after moving past our fears. Therefore, these week’s cosmic energy called for us to take courageous action. Thus, what this Full Moon might also be illuminating are the positive radical changes that we harvested as a result. 


The Moon will also be in an applying opposition to Venus, the divine and creative feminine, who’s under the Sun’s beams, but in the sign of its exaltation. However, the Sun and Venus exact merging will happen in Aries on March 26th, shifting from Morning to Evening Star. This aspect is known as a Superior Conjunction which happens when Venus is moving in direct motion and is at the far side of the Sun. Therefore, being analogous to a Full Moon, so it’s a time of culmination, blossoming, illumination and harvesting. 


In contrast, an Inferior conjunction happens when it’s retrograde and between Earth and the Sun, similar to a New Moon. Thus, when a new cycle initiate while she rises as Morning Star. Here, she resembles the qualities of the maiden, the first face of the triple goddess. Thus, we’re at the last month of this Venusian polarity, when she’s preparing to close a cycle and emerge as a star of the night, which is where she has the characteristics of the wise crone. Therefore, as the Moon will oppose Venus while it’s hidden behind the sun, subconscious desires may rise from underground, giving us the clarity we need to set our New Moon in Pisces intentions as to what we will like to birth to light, for Venus will be even closer to the Sun.


Speaking of subconscious desires rising from the depths of the psyche, the Full Moon will be merging with Vesta, the goddess of the sacred flame and so this lunation will help us tune into what ignites our soul, what creates a spark within, inviting us to follow our passions while we let go of what we no longer desire with Venus beginning to close a cycle and the astrological year ends to restart again.


Where the Full Moon will be transiting in your chart indicates the area of life where you’re meeting this illumination and also where you might be harvesting results of the seeds you planted during the New Moon in Virgo of September 2020. Look for your rising sign below, this is where it might be transiting.


  • Virgo: In the first house. Hence, the area of self, appearance, personality; ruling over your personal goals, your physical body and how other people see you.
  • Libra: In the twelfth house. Hence, the area of the unconscious mind, mental health, spirituality, isolation, confinement, endings and everything you do behind the scenes.
  • Scorpio:​ In the eleventh house. Hence, the area of friends, groups, community, social networks, connections, social recognition, goals and aspirations.
  • Sagittarius: ​In the tenth house. Hence, the area of career, public image and social status.
  • Capricorn: In the ninth house. Hence, the area of expansion, long term travel, higher knowledge, college education, philosophical and religious beliefs.
  • Aquarius: In the eighth house. Thus, the area of transformation, the occult, shared resources, other people’s money, tax, credit, investments; sex and the intimacy you share with a partner.
  • Pisces: In the seventh. Thus, the area of relationships, business partnerships, collaborations, laws and contracts.
  • Aries: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of health and wellness, service work and work environment, daily tasks, routines and productivity.
  • Taurus: ​In the fifth house. Hence, the area of fun, romance and dating, creativity, projects, children and fertility.
  • Gemini: In the fourth house. Thus, the area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Cancer: ​In the third house. The area of the mind and communication, ideas, education, hobbies and interests, siblings and neighbors and immediate environment.
  • Leo: ​In the second house. The area of personal resources, money, possessions, value system, self worth and self esteem.

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