Waning Dark Moon in Gemini, June 18th-21st

  • Waning Dark Moon: Gemini
  • Begins: June 18th-21st
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Planetary Ruler: Mercury


The Waning Dark Moon is the phase when it’s still displaying a thin silver line, at the verge of becoming invisible in the night sky as it approaches the Sun. Symbolically, it represents the declining phase of the cycle of life. It begins two nights before the New/Dark Moon, which is when it has lost all of its illumination. Thus, this phase prepares us for the rebirth and new beginning that comes after the exact conjunction between the two luminaries.


Further, it always begins in the sign of the last astrological season and thus, of the last New Moon. It represents the time when we’re heading back to the cave, when we return from our journey through the outside and head towards our inner/underworld. In its growing phase (New Moon) we meet the outer expression of that sign during the lunation. Conversely, when it’s waning, we meet its inner expression, as the Sun is no longer in that sign. Further, it invites us to rest, recharge, release from energetic or body toxins, banish what we want out or cut the cords that attach us to the past. It’s when we enter the Crone phase, commune with the Dark Goddess and meet with our shadow side.


The Sun will enter Cancer on June 20th marking the start of the Summer/Winter Solstice with a powerful and restoring Solar Eclipse in Cancer. However, before Gemini Season ends, we have its Waning Dark Moon, indicating that the energies of this sign in the collective are coming to an end, but serving as an opportunity to reflect on what occurred during this astrological month that went from May 20th to June 20th. 

Gemini Season opened two new cycles in an area of our lives ruled by this sign, one being from its New Moon and one of Venus Retrograde conjunct the Sun (the Venus Star Point). With the North Node and Venus Going Retrograde in this sign, we were being invited to connect with our soul’s desires, illuminating new ones that come from the heart and bringing a shift of priorities, goals, values and interests. In addition, because of Venus Retrograde’s square with Neptune it also called for us to strip from the garments that cover our soul and to shed what no longer feels like a part of our journey and what we truly want in our lives.


Venus Retrograde brings a metamorphosis, a death and rebirth, for this planet comes with a shift from Evening to Morning Star. Between this transition, it becomes invisible for a few days, representing its cocoon phase and its “death”. However, on June 10th it finally appeared in the morning sky representing its rebirth. In relation to us, this is bringing a revamp to an area of our lives and this period was one of darkness, for preparing behind the scenes. With Venus still in backwards motion until the 25th and the Waning Dark Moon, things are still being prepared and it’s a time to introspect on what needs to be released.


Gemini Season also came with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius that was opposite Venus, illuminating to us what precisely needed to be shed and stripped away in order to connect with the authentic self and operate from that soul centered place, making it also about our beliefs and if they’re limiting or have been imposed to us. With the Waning Dark Moon in Gemini, we enter the final stage of shedding, releasing and banishing. It’s an opportunity to finally let go of what no longer fills us with joy or satisfaction, which are the false desires. This is in order to follow the new ones and the new vision emerging. For this, we needed to be presented with where we’re under an illusion. Hence, to all that is false and deceiving, as represented with Venus’s square and Mars’s conjunction with Neptune.


During this lunar phase, on June 19th, the Sun will be conjoining with the North Node, the point of destiny, indicating that this is all to connect us with a higher purpose and to realign us in our soul path. In addition, the ruler of this Moon, Mercury, will be stationing retrograde the same day this phase begins, coming with a period of reflection and of purging of the old and the past, making it intensely emotional, but for the purpose of healing and to prepare us for the restart that Solar Eclipse in Cancer will bring. 


The Moon will be making a conjunction to Venus at its first degrees, this aspect will intensify the energies of Venus as it will bring them to to our emotional mind. Venus Retrograde is a period in which we’re called to revise, reflect and re-assess an area of our lives and around the Venusian themes: relationships, desires, values & finances. For instance, conjunct with the Waning Dark Moon after being opposed by the Moon during the eclipse of July 12th, it’s now the most potent time to let go from your emotional body of what was illuminated that no longer serves.

Remember that this transit comes with the purpose to align us with our core desires and that it opens a new cycle of 8 years, because every 8 years, Venus goes retrograde in this sign. Thus, what needs to be released and banished in order to follow that new path you may be feeling called to follow? What desires do you no longer feel in alignment? What dynamics in your relationship do you no longer want? What new vision emerged and what needs to be let go of so that you can manifest it? Is it your limiting beliefs? 


During this lunar phase, it’s ideal to do a releasing ritual around what Venus Retrograde has illuminated that is no longer a part of your soul path. Reflect on the questions above and write it down in your Moon journal. The element of Air supports writing and putting emotions to paper, this will help you have more clarity of what Gemini Season and this Venusian transit meant for you.

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