Waning Dark Moon in Capricorn, January 22nd – 24th

  • Dark Moon: Capricorn
  • Begins: January 22nd
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Planetary Ruler: Saturn


The dark moon is the phase when it’s still displaying a thin silver line, at the verge of becoming invisible in the night sky. Symbolically, it represents the declining phase of the cycle of life. It begins two nights before the New Moon, which is when it has lost all its the illumination. Thus, this phase prepares us for the rebirth and new beginning that comes after the exact conjunction between the two luminaries.


Further, it always begins in the sign of the last astrological season and thus, of the last New Moon. It represents the time when we’re heading back to the cave, when we return from our journey through the outside and head towards our inner/underworld. In its growing phase we meet the outer expression of that sign during the lunation. Conversely, when it’s waning, we meet its inner expression, as the Sun is no longer in that sign. Further, it invites us to rest, recharge, release from energetic or body toxins, banish what we want out or cut the cords that attach us to the past. It’s when we enter the Crone phase, commune with the Dark Goddess and meet with our shadow side.


This is the waning dark moon after the eclipses. For instance, it´s ideal to reflect on what surged during Capricorn Season, as the Moon will transit the same degree where the last Solar Eclipse occurred. However, this time it will be waning, hence, illustrating its closure to welcome the new cycle that the New Moon in Aquarius will open.

While we´re darkmooning, we will delve deep into what occurred on last astrological month. What did you set the intention to let go of, what chapters were closed and what chapter were consequently opened? The stellium in Capricorn and the eclipses may have added a lot of pressure to a structure in our lives which may have eventually collapsed or cracked open. This may have been a situation that was being dragged since last year and these events marked the time to finally end it. Hence, now we will be reflecting on the intentions we set on the last New Moon, detoxify from what poisons our body and our soul and dispose of the rotten, the heavy or the debris of what got teared so that we begin Aquarius Season with a clear path and a lightweight heart.


The Moon will firstly be passing through the ¨shadow¨ of the last Solar Eclipse which is at 4 degrees Capricorn. This will activate the themes of the eclipses. The conjunction it will make to the South Node and sextile to Venus will invite us to drain away anything that needs to be released and banished. This luminary will then be making a conjunction to Jupiter and lastly to Saturn and Pluto, in which the energy may feel like too much too handle, increasing feelings of stress or anxiety.

Thus, why this dark moon is ideal to reflect on your fears or on what´s currently adding pressure and see how you can break free from it. Aquarius Season will be all about breaking the chains and trespassing the limits that holds us back. The Moon´s harmonious aspect to Neptune and Lilith will help in dissolving precisely these limits and heavy energy through rituals and meditation.


During darkmooning time, any ritual or spell should be for releasing, banishing, healing and shadow work. In the sign of Capricorn, we can work with the element of Earth, with plants, crystals and connect with nature. We can also work with the archetype of the crone, to tune into our inner wisdom to reflect on the lessons learned and how you can then apply them in next lunation.

Remember that the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer of January 10th, called for you to begin embracing your vulnerability, your feelings, listen to your instincts, needs and desires. It also called for you to release unhealthy attachments, self destructive habits and toxic relationships. Hence, now with the waning Moon after this Full Moon, it’s now time to finally end this process by fully banishing what doesn’t serve in mind, body and soul. Any rituals and inner work oriented towards this is perfect for this Dark Moon. If you’re into deity work, you can also call the dark goddess to serve and guide you in this process.

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