Water Portal Ritual

Intention:  To initiate a deeper relationship with the element of Water, such that for 3+ days you become a portal of receptivity for a mutable calibration of your being and download of that specific elemental wisdom.  

Each element has its own language and story to share specifically with you about how you move in the world and how you transmute energy.  This ritual is to begin the sacred Listening and Dance with this element.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Blue Candle
  • 1 Porcupine Quill (this was included in the Elemental Portals Box) If you don’t have this, you need something to carve the candle with.
  • Ash (this was included in the Elemental Portals Box) If you don’t have this, find a substance to dress the candle with that provides protection energy.
  • Spell Boost Oil (this was included in the Elemental Portals Box)
  • 1 Water Element temporary tattoo for the center of your chest/breast plate, or same spot but on your back (also in the box, but if you don’t have this, you can also use a sharpie to draw the symbol on your body)
  • Incense of choice, preferably with an herb ruled by the water element
  • Any other altar items that represent water for you

Ideal Lunation:  New Moon in Pisces/Sun in Pisces, New Moon in Scorpio, or New Moon in Cancer.

Time Duration:  3+ Days


  • On the night of the New Moon in a water sign set up your ritual space with the items above and cast your circle as you normally would.
  • Within the circle with your items on hand establish yourself in a meditation, deep breathing and calling to mind and body the characteristics of Water element:  soft boundaries, permeability, emotions, psychic abilities, flow, purification, cleansing, sensitivity, transmutation, collective unconscious, nourishing, life sustaining…
  • Now look down at the symbol on your tattoo.  The symbol for Water.
  • Continue your meditative breathing and begin chanting the following invocation:

In balanced stream
with power pure
wash over water
power true.

  • Keep repeating this over and over again, until it begins to lull you into a trance.
  • When you feel impulsed to do so, take the porcupine quill and carve the symbol into the side of the candle, still chanting over and over to charge the work of your hands.
  • Once the carving is done, take the Spell Boost Oil onto your finger and smear some of the oil over the carving on the candle empowering the symbol with an extra charge.  Continue to chant.
  • Then take a pinch of the Ash and smear that over the oil that is over the carving.  This adds a layer of protection and ignition of Fire and Earth energy.
  • Place the candle in a fire safe plate or bowl and light it while continuing to chant.
  • Continue this way, while gazing into the fire light, taking the Water symbol (tattoo) into your hands for as long as you are called.
  • Then invite in the ‘download’ of wisdom and calibration from the Water element by saying:

I open the channel
I say yes to the light
imbue me with power,
wisdom and sight.

  • Repeat this 3 times while applying the temporary tattoo to the center of your chest plate.  
  • Once you have applied it, continue chanting for as long as you feel, envisioning a stream of power and element coming to you from all directions… a portal open and receiving the light, the wisdom and the power of the Water element.
  • Close out the circle when you are done, offering thanks to the Water element, you guides and the rest of the elements and herbs (from the oil) and trees (from the ash) that assisted you in this ritual.
  • Be sure to journal any sensations, any transitions or intuitions that came through for you during this ritual.  Everything is relevant but pay close attention to the feeling and insight of the element of Fire.

After The Ritual

Each night, after this ritual, preferably outside under the slowly growing moonlight (which will be very slight) take a meditative and placing your hands on either side of the portal symbol you have placed on your body, begin chanting the second invocation on this page over and over again for as long as you feel called, bringing in the energy of the Water.

I open the channel
I say yes to the light
imbue me with power,
wisdom and sight.

When done, journal your findings and insights.  

This ritual, it’s Book of Shadow page, and the items in the list above all come in the Elemental Portals Ritual Box.  At the time of this post, there are still boxes available for purchase and it will also come with a link to the recorded Deep Dive Gathering we had that month on how to take this magic deeper and work with dressing candles to amplify your magick.

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