New Moon Renewal Bath Ritual

Intention:  To use the sacred bath as a New Moon renewal ritual.  Each New Moon we begin again, and this ritual is perfect for a fresh start and announcing your intentions to the universe.

Items Needed:

  • Pillar or taper candles that you can carve into
  • A nail, athame, quill or dried rose stem
  • Incense of your choice
  • New Moon Renewal Scrub
  • Crystals to adorn and help charge your bath time


  • Cast a circle as you normally would.
  • Before setting up the space, drop in with some deep long breaths and get clear on the intention you will set for teh upcoming lunar cycle.
  • Begin preparing the space, adorning the bath tub and then with the sharp object carve one word that symbolizes the whole of your intention into the candle.
  • Light other candles to give the space a warm glow and turn off the over head lights in your bathroom.
  • the New moon Renewal Scrub is meant as a recharge, a beginning and an invigoration. it is also a fantastic way to riase energy. So taking a teaspoon at a time, begin scrubing it all over your body. It helps to add a mositurizing oil to the scrub, like almond oil.
  • Begin at your feet, moving up to your legs, hips, back, front, arms and if you want your nect and face. (NOTE: Not everyons facial skin can take sugar scrubs, so please be mindful of your skins needs.)
  • Take you time doing this as it both increases circulation, heat and the release of dead skin cells. All of these things reate an increase in energetic flow.
  • When you have finished your scrub, turn to your candle and recite your intention for the new cycle outlaid.
  • Light the candle
  • Enter the bath and soak in the scents, and the invigoration of your ritual for as long as feels right.
  • When done, close out the circle, but allow the candle to burn all the way through, if it’s safe to do so. If it’s not, then light it each night until its burned all the way down. Make sure this happens before the following Full Moon.
  • Blessed Be.

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