October 2019 Ancestral Work Box

Ancestral Work…

There is so much to learn and cover for this topic, and knowing that there was no way a box could encapsulate so much, I decided on a ritual creation that would set you all up with a tool for future work and exploration.
This box is a bit different, in that you’ll have a lot of support information on the Youtube channel, by way of reviews of books that cover Ancestral work. The other way this box is different is that the ritual contained in this box, is almost a ‘Part 1’ to a deeper more involved ritual, which we will cover in the Deep Dive at the end of the month.
My vision for this box is that you spend the month meditating and working on the Mask work so that when we meet at the end of October, we can go over both your process in making the mask as well as what to do with it in an Ancestral Connection Ritual.

The Ritual

In this box, you’ll find a craft Skull Mask.  Working with masks in Shamanic soul travel work is incredibly powerful, in that it serves as a ‘key’ to help you cross over into the spiritual realms.  For the purpose of this ritual as well as the work you’ll use it for later, the mask is representative of who you are in that fluid, eternal and primal core since the beginning of time. The mask you create is your true face in the spirit world.  And the ritual that facilitates you creating this mask is powerful and incredibly transformative.
We have been collecting sample mask work in our Pinterest account for you to look at and get ideas around what type of art supplies you can bring into ritual for yourself.  And we will definitely speak more about this in our Deep Dive.

The Sigil

The Sigil included in this box is for use later.  I’ll be writing a blog post on using Sigils to access either you entire ancestral line, or specific ancestor in your line that you want to communicate or connect with.
So hold onto this for after we’ve had a chance to connect in our Deep Dive Gathering.  That said, those of you who have been watching the Witch Booktube review, specifically Anousen Leonte’s Sigil Invocation review and book, will have an idea already of how a sigil can be used a portal for contact with spirits.  

The Witches Apothecary Herbs

I’m sending you two powerful herbs that open the doorway to not only astral travel, but opening the connection between us and our ancestors.  There are many many ways in which to use Mugwort and Wormwood, however, for the purpose of this work, using both herbs over charcoal, mixed with a bit of resin like Frankincense, is a perfect incense for this work and helping achieve a trance state.
And then of course, the deck of cards.  I have found the Halloween Oracle deck to be a gorgeous tool for this time of year.  The artistry is beyond words, and the themes and visuals fit so well with the kind of work we tend to do around this time of year.  
I can’t wait to see you all in the Deep Dive! May your work be deeply transformative.

In This Box:

  • 1 Witches Apothecary Bottle of Mugwort
  • 1 Witches apothecary Bottle of Wormwood
  • 1 Craft Skull Mask
  • 1 Halloween Oracle Deck – Those of you who have been subscribed for 2 years!!! Have gotten an other deck that is gorgeously suited for this work as well.
  • 1 BOS pages for Ancestral Ritual Mask Creation
  • 1 BOS page for Mugwort
  • 1 BOS page for Wormwood
  • 1 Black Feather – because they’re beautiful and I thought it would be lovely to share with you!

*The oracle card sent in this months box is the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck and it’s my latest favorite to work with.

At the time of this posting, there are a few extra Ancestral Boxes available for purchase. Go HERE.

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