The December 2018 Winter Whispers Box

My magical loves…

Welcome to the Winter Whispers Box.

This witch box is both a celebration of that coziness that happens in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere during this time of year and the first step in creating a stronger foundation for our Witchcraft.

A Witch’s life is always about learning, expanding, deepening their wisdom. It is a natural part of our spiritual growth as we practice connection with the natural world, with the energetics around us and with ourselves.

Reading and studying is just as sacred as the rituals we perform at our altars and the spells we cast. So this box serves to provide you with books to learn from, a spell to deepen your wisdom, a Witches Apothecary Tea specifically created for the taking in of new wisdom and a candle to create a ritual around the times you sit down with tea to learn.

There is something else going on as well. Next year we’re taking this deeper. We’re going in on the rituals and the spells and the full-on transformation. Because that is the stuff of Witchery. We work with the energies within is and outside of us and we create change. It’s the work of the soul. And it’s holy.

This next box is about setting some part of the groundwork for that. Because Witches are in a constant state of learning, observing, documenting and growing. And this next box is for that very thing.

In This Box

  • 1 Witches Apothecary Winter Whispers Tea – perfect for curling up, sinking into stillness, opening the mind and taking in Witchy wisdom while reading.
  • 1 Winter Whisper Candle – Make your wisdom reading and studies a ritual by lighting this lovely each time you sit down to read this Winter.
  • 2 Books on spirituality, Witchery and deepening your craft. Each box will receive 2 different books. I used the sorting method as another divination exercise, so the books you receive are the books that most wanted to be read by you during this Winter time.
  • 1 Opening To Wisdom Whispers Spell Bundle – A spell I’ve done specifically for you and your reading altar
  • 1 Oracle card
  • 1 Book Of Shadows Page on the Wisdom Whisper Spell
  • 1 Book Of Shadows Page for Witches Study Book Review Journal Page
  • 1 Book Of Shadows Page for Witches Study Ritual


Unboxing Video

Below you can watch the unboxing video for this box.  And if you haven’t subscribed to The Witches Box yet, please do so!  Go HERE to subscribe.  At the time of this posting there are 6 more of these boxes left to buy if you were not subscribed but would like some of this magick in your life. Get the Winter Whisper Box HERE.

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