The April 2018 Witches Box: Sex Magick

April 2018 Pleasure, Union Sex Magick Box
**For Adults Only/Discretion**

This box was put together with Beltane in mind. Though we are in April, it gives you a good lead up to the Sabbat, to prepare, meditate and learn new details regarding the kinds of magick and rituals that can be performed around this time of the year.

Also note that this box addresses Sex/Orgasm Magick in a general way and doesn’t stick to any specific tradition, such as the Sacred Rite in Wicca. The basic information here can be adapted to any tradition or to the intuitive leanings you might have.

The content of this box, with the exception of the Damiana, (adult supervision and doctors ok needed) and the Book Of Shadow pages can be used by our younger Witches, but adult/parental discretion will be needed with regards to the magic described in the Book of Shadow pages.

That said, interacting this intimately with our own bodies or the bodies of others can bring up discomfort and past wounds that can require support and exploration. If the direction of this box causes any discomfort, know that this is a type of magic that does not need to be explored until you feel ready. It’s not a requirement for being a Witch or casting spells and the items in this box were chosen such that they can be used for any ritual or magickal working. They are not specific to sex magick.

Something New About The Witches Box

You’ll notice that in this box there are three bottles of ingredients. This is part of a new offering with each monthly box: Apothecary supplies for your Witches Magickal Pantry. 2-3 new bottles with magickal herbs and ingredients will be sent to you that can help you stock up on things to casts your spells, create mojo bags, potions or healing balms. All herbal ingredients will be organic unless otherwise specified.

The Focus Of This Box

This box is about 3 things:

  1. Pleasure – A tool for increased energy towards an intention, whether it be union with self or other, or manifesting something for yourself in the world.
  2. Union – As a path for opening, feeling and expanding as a spiritual being.
  3. Sex/Orgasm – As a portal for immersion, intimacy and beauty.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The meditation and ritual in this box is as much for solo practitioners as it is for partnered practitioners.

Inside The Box

  1. Damiana, to drink, with caution. Opens up your psyche, offers protection and creates a deeper flow for connection and psychic awareness and represents WATER. **Warning: This is meant to ingest as a tea. Please read up on the effects of Damiana and confer with a physician before ingesting it.**
  2. Dragon’s Blood Resin, as incense, for protection and to represent AIR + FIRE.
  3. Black Salt for protecting the space and represent EARTH.
  4. 1 Lotus incense burner to represent the beauty of union
  5. 1 Bar of Chocolate for the pleasure of taste.
  6. 2 Red Candles for your spell work
  7. 2 Charcoal disks for resin burning
  8. 1 Oracle card for a guide to meditation from the Faery Forest Oracle Deck
  9. Book Of Shadows Pages: The Opening To Pleasure And Union Meditation
  10. Book Of Shadows Pages: Sex/Orgasm Magick
  11. Book Of Shadows Pages: Sex/Orgasm Magick Ritual

Unboxing Video

Below you can watch the box video we created.  And if you haven’t subscribed to The Witches Box yet, please do so!  The next box is going to be all about Kitchen Witchery and it’s going to be EPIC!.  Go HERE to subscribe.

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