Pleasure + Union Meditation

The following meditation is good to practice whether or not you intend to move on to Sex Magick / Orgasm Magick.  Attuning to the sensations in our bodies creates a strong intuition muscle and self-awareness that serves us well in life and casting magick in the world.

It is also important to note that practices like this can very often bring up a lot of emotion that is in need of examination.  This is both a danger and the purpose of such exercises.  If you feel you are easily triggered in this area, please seek support while exploring this journey.  We grow as a community helping one another… never isolated and alone.

This meditation was included in the April 2018 Witches Box.

Pleasure + Union Meditation

Intention: The intention is to become more embodied through the path of pleasure in your body – opening to the sensations of power and arousal and intuition within you. When you do this with another, note that the intention is to bring you both into the present, slow you both down and make you hyper-focused on the sensation of one body next to the other.  Union comes through sinking as deeply into the present as possible.  The union is in the being and feeling what is, not blending both bodies together.

**Note: It’s is always eternally more empowering to do this work alone before you do it with a partner. The more you know of your own path of pleasure, the more you’ll give and receive when exploring this with another.**

Solo Work

  1. Do a Self Blessing of loving embracement.
  2. In a safe quiet place, naked, begin to slowly run your hands over the entirety of your body. Explore sensation, sensitivities, pressure. Feel both with your body and with your hands.
  3. Seek to feel good. This isn’t about sexual arousal and climax, it’s about existing and receiving the pleasure of touch to your physical form. This touch can and should include your genitalia. If discomfort arises, don’t avoid these body parts, but slow down, inquire into the discomfort and find ways to make it feel soothing.
  4. Keep breathing slow and deep.
  5. Linger in this exercise for as long as you can.
  6. Journal any emotions, feelings, thoughts or discoveries that came up while you engaged in this exercise.

Partnered Work

  1. As above, the intention of this is not to climax or have actual sex. When doing this with another, abstaining can be a challenge.
  2. In a quiet, dimly lit room at a comfortable temperature and naked, come together facing one another in bed.
  3. Embrace in such a way where the front of both bodies are pressed against one another and your heads are such that you are ear to ear. This is a full body embrace.
  4. Hold here comfortably and just begin to deeply and slowly breathe. Note that your breathing rhythms might be different and this is ok. Listen.
  5. Listen to the breath come in and out, feel the undulations of your partner’s body as they breathe at their own pace.
  6. Stay here in this embrace and breathing for 20 minutes. In that time, arousal may happen, making it harder to stay still and shifting the pace of the breath.
  7. Stay here.
  8. Remain in this embrace, paying attention to all the thoughts, sensations and desires that come up.
  9. When you both feel it’s time to unlock, lay on your backs, separate, and keep breathing, taking inventory of all the things that might have shifted, opened or expanded within you and in your awareness of sensation. Close out the meditation, or…

From here, moving on into a Sex Magick ritual would be powerful. But it’s important to keep the integrity of this long 20 minutes because it opens you deeper into yourself and tunes you into your partner more so than usual. This is a very intimate practice that can bring about understanding, intimacy and magickal power to bond you deeply.  Don’t underestimate its subtlety.

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