Kitchen Invocation To Cerridwen


This invocation was created for the Kitchen Witchery Box that was sent out in May 2018, which you can look at HERE and HERE.

This gorgeous drawing was created for The Witches Box by Helen Claire Burt of @HeliesGoddesses on IG.  Please go check out her work.  It’s exquisite.

Intention:  This invocation is a perfect blessing to offer up in your kitchen each time you enter to cook or brew magick, or it can be used during a specific working or ritual that requires brewing your magick in the kitchen with the herbs and ingredients of your Witches Pantry.  Cerridwen presides over several types of wisdoms, but this invocation is specifically about her powers in alchemizing her power through the ingredients she stirs in her sacred cauldron.

An altar to her in your kitchen is a beautiful thing to have and a perfect place to offer her gifts of herbal beauty for presiding over the work of your kitchen.

Cerridwen, Goddess Of The Cauldron
Invocation For The Kitchen

Hail Cerridwen, brewer of magick and wisdom,
potent knowledge and alchemical rebirth!

Your cauldron is inspiration,
the womb in which transformation comes forth.

You who weaves story and secret,
wisdom and healing,
manifestation and alchemy.

You, who holds the sacred cauldron,
of magic, inner knowing and
the secret dance of potions.

Bless this kitchen as sacred cauldron
of this home.

That this kitchen be the cauldron
where brews of healing, nourishment, and magick
get stirred into creation.

May this kitchen be the cauldron of
beauty, warmth, love and a deepening
connection to the wisdom and potency you imbue.

May this be the sacred cauldron of my workings.
Blessed, protected and filled with the deepest pull
of a Witch’s life.

May it be so,
Blessed Be

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