New Moon In Taurus, May 15, 2018

New Moon Sign: Taurus
Element: Earth
Type: Fixed
Planet: Venus
Themes/Symbolism: Material goods, Sensuality, Pleasure, Practical, Loyal, Artistic, Stubborn, Stabilizing
Tarot Card: The Hierophant
Sun Sign: Taurus
Time: 4:47 AM

This New Moon in Taurus comes along with the transit of Uranus into Taurus. For more detailed information on this significant transit, head over to Chani Nicholas post. It’s a good read!

New Moon In Taurus

There is a grounded, manifested and material energetic potency to this sign. Yes, it’s sexy and luxurious and about abundance in all ways, but there is a very substantive energetic to how Taurus moves and reigns its influence over the world.

The changes coming about spurred by Uranus speak to a shakeup in the way thing are done, the status quo. It might seem at first glance as if it flies in the face of stubborn Taurus, but I’m inspired to take that energy in a different way.

Right now, the biggest revolution is being played out in the arena of our self-care. And it’s not just about baths and face masks. It’s about daring to demand access to good health care for all, access to good, clean and real food. It’s about the sacred mirror reflection that comes when I take deep care of myself and support it in you as well.

The body is home base. Our health keeps us thriving, yes, but our tender caretaking of our bodies, as precious and miraculous create a reverberating effect of healing in ways we can’t even begin to innumerate.

Let this lunar cycle by a return to the body. A support for the bodies of others. That we may all embrace care and kindness and self-loving as a basic foundation that allows us to create magick from.

Moon Water Magick

This is a great lunation cycle to plant in your garden, to cultivate wealth, to do healing spells and rituals and to focus on the fecundity of life – of your life.
Summer Solstice is coming and for many it’s the time of the Mother in her full pregnant glory. This is both literal and metaphorical. Taurus is a supportive energy for this and how we usher in this fully blossomed moment of the year.


For more information on how to work with Moon Water, go HERE.

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