Feeding The Seeds Cauldron Ritual

Intention:  Using the symbolism of the Cauldron as the Universal Womb or Incubator to nurture an intention from seed to fruition by feeding its energy over the course of a specific amount of time before ‘birthing’ it into the world.  The flower petals and the stone serve as a ‘fertile’ ground for the seed to be supported and nourished by.

Items Needed:

  • Cauldron
  • Dried Calendula Petals – protection, fire and love
  • Red Jasper Stone – the fire and earth of manifestation and the building of momentum
  • Orange Candle
  • A Manifesting Incense
  • Small piece of paper and pen
  • A stylus or something to carve your candle with
  • Anointing oil
  • Herbs to dress your candle with


This spell is specifically geared towards end of solar year intention setting such that by Fall you are ‘planting’ and nurturing a seed that can accumulate solar, lunar and your own power in the incubator space of a Cauldron, in order to be released at the beginning of the solar year or in the Spring.  In this space, the Cauldron serves as both the womb of the universe or the depths of the Earth like the incubator of a seed.

  1. Set up your items on the altar. Fill the cauldron with the Calendula petals and place the Red Jasper stone on top of the Calendula inside the Cauldron. Set the candle to one side, along with the stylus and also place the pen and paper near the cauldron
  2. Cast a circle.
  3. Light the incense and spend a few moments in meditation, allowing the aroma to carry you into a deep state.
  4. With the pen and paper, write out a short intention  and you can either use this to create a sigil for your intention, or fold it up and place the paper on top of the Red Jasper. If you choose to create a sigil, turn the intention into a sigil and place it on a piece of paper that you will fold and place on the Red Jasper.
  5. Then taking the candle and your stylus carve either the intention or the sigil into the side of the candle.  Anoint the candle with oil and herbs if you have opted for that.
  6. Continue to feed the incense so that you return to a place of trance meditation, only this time with your focus on the inscription you have on the candle.  
  7. Focus on your intention or sigil as the flame begins to burn, visualizing the end result, how you’ll be and feel once this is manifested.  Imagine every detail about being in that state of manifestation.  Linger here for as long as you need.
  8. When you are done, snuff out the candle and close the circle.
  9. Return to this ritual spell of visualization every night until the candle has fully burned out. This is intentionally to feed the growing energy of this vision and intention. 

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