Energy Clearing Spell Using Salt

Intention:  To clear out lingering or oppressive negative energy in a room, around you or in a situation.  

Items Needed

  • Salt – there are various blends of salts, use that which you are accustomed to or one that you know will specifically address the energy you are seeking to clear out.
  • Black Tourmaline Stone
  • Ritual bowl

Spell Ritual

  1. Take the stone and place it at the center of the bowl, then pour about a teaspoon of salt on top of it.
  2. Fill the bowl with spring or filtered water to about half full.
  3. Begin to gently swirl the water COUNTER CLOCKWISE, to both mix the salt with the water and to create an energetic dissipation vacuum.
  4. As you swirl the water either in the middle of the space you wish to clear or at your altar, begin to chant:

“Salt pure, salt clean, protect this space and blessings bring.”  

5.  Keep repeating the incantation while you imagine all that you are pulling into that bowl while you swirl the water, pulling in the negative and the harmful with the gravitational pull of its motion.

6. When you feel the work is complete, take that water while moving outside and carefully remove the stone before casting the water out over the grass, soil or into the street.

It is done.

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