Love Spell for a Best Friend

There is so much talk in the world about love spells. You don’t even have to be a practicing witch or even believe in magic, and somehow love spells would be the one thing you’d still try or feel lured by.

We all want love, especially if it’s of the romantic variety. And there is so much written in books and the internet about how to do it, how not to do it, why you would do it and why you wouldn’t. In the end it begins to feel quite noisy for me and I won’t spend any time on any of that here today.

Because one of the things in my life that I have consistently valued most and felt most grateful for is having a bestie in my life.

Lovers can come and go, and even when you have a long term committed relationship with someone you’re crazy about, as I have, there is still something completely more and bigger and life affirming that happens when you have a heart connection with a best friend.

These are the loves that are ride or die. These are the ones that you adventure with, weather the big ups and downs over the course of your life. These are the souls that are a sacred heart through line over the course of every single one of your romantic endeavors. Here in the very center of these particular love relationships are the late nights of silliness, questionable behavior that make for high laughter filled stories later and the safe place where you can go to fall apart in.

Why don’t we do more love spells for that one best friend who’ll walk through it all with us? I’d like to think that perhaps it’s because most of us, if not all of us already have one.

In this case, we are blessed!

However, if you’re in a space where you just don’t have this love role filled in your life and you’d like to summon that one true friend who will stick with you through thick and thin, read on.

The List All Love Spells Usually Start With

There are a bunch of different love spells out there to follow, but one of the most common ones is partly about creating a list of all the characteristics in a person that you want to call in. This type of spell is about putting out a call for something specific, NOT someone specific. It’s an important distinction to make.

I’ve always believed that this is a powerful tool, because it really gets you thinking about what it is you want and need and why. Clarity in intention and aim is critical for spell work, and the lack of clarity can sometimes lead to results that don’t serve you as well as you’d like.

So when you think of that bestie who’ll be your ride or die in all things in life, what are they like?

Consider all sorts of things: Interests, relationship to truth, abilities to self face and be a sacred mirror for you and your truth, emotional health, skills, humor, life missions, goals… maybe you need them to also love late night movies over popcorn and wine? Whatever it is, it needs to not only be unique to you, but also I suggest you keep in mind that a thriving best friend relationship is one that expands us spiritually and emotionally through positive means. Ask for those things.

In this way, it’s also important that you not put on that list things that you yourself are either not willing to be yourself or unable to be. We want to ask for someone that is not only willing to show up fully at this ’table’ but to also be called to show up fully ourselves.

For me things like, calling me on my nonsense, truth telling, nebulous morals around mischievous moments and a dedication to spiritual growth are important, just to name a few. But again, this list is a very intimate thing, so take your time and really crafting this list. And taking your time can literally be a day or something you conscientiously work on over the course of a year.

This isn’t a spell to take lightly, but it’s your spell, so do as you need and give yourself time.

Love Spell For A Best Friend

Once you have a well described list of the characteristics that will make up this person, gather the items listed below and choose a night before the Full Moon that is in the sign of Libra, Gemini, Cancer or Taurus to preform your spell.

Items Needed:

  • 1 Pink candle
  • 1 Bowl filled with sugar – can be white or brown sugar
  • Your list
  • Optional: crystals, herbs, candle dressing like oils or Spell Boosting Oil, flowers, symbols or anything that symbolizes the feelings and energy you are calling in for this particular relationship.

Love Spell Directions

  • Because you are calling in a specific type of person, I recommend casting a circle first. Consecrating your space and then carving out that space to stand apart in time and from the mundane is a beautiful opening for what you are calling in and it gives it a place of honor and deeper intention in your world.
  • Set up your altar: The candle should be placed in the center of the bowl of sugar. Press it in enough so that it stands in the sugar without issue. Please make sure it’s a heat resistant bowl.
  • Once your circle has been cast and your altar set up, take time to sink into a meditative state, focusing on both what you’re calling in and opening up to receive it.
  • When ready, pull out your list and begin reciting all the things you’ve listed after saying these opening lines:

Beloved soul.
Beloved friend.
A place is open for you to come
that I too, may be a
Beloved Soul
a Beloved Friend.
A call to the one
who seeks as well.
And fits these characteristics
and fits me well:
(read your list)
I am here.
Ready for you
to arrive.
Soul friends
for this Earth walk

  • Light the candle before you and place the list next to the candle or under the sugar bowl.
  • You can remain here as long as feels appropriate and then thank the energies and this beloved who is on their way and close out the circle.
  • Allow the candle to burn all the way down if this is safe to do so. Also, please note that when the candle is almost all the way burned, it will burn the sugar which will release a beautiful aroma as an offering to this soul that is traveling to you.
  • Once the spell is fully cast you can either bury the list in the Earth like a seed that will grow in power or keep in a box that you can keep apart from mundane things and perhaps adorn it with a special rose quartz.

Time and fate has its own pace. Someone may show up immediately or it could take a while. The key here is to know your invitation has been put out into the universe and now your job is to go about your life and as a way to create more magnetism, practice at embodying all those things you placed on that list as well.

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