Wisdom Drawing Spell

This spell is perfect for students and those who are in a constant state of learning. And this actually applies to most if not all Witches as ours is a path of continuous evolution and expansion.

Our path is deeply rooted in intuition, deep in the bones knowing and an ever evolving and expansive relationship with the natural world around us, both seen and unseen. The purpose of this spell is to ritualize each time you sit down to read a book and take in more wisdom.

Intention:   That the mind and soul retain what it learns about all things Witchcraft and Magick, carrying it down to the core of your bones.

Items Needed

  • Gold or White Candle
  • An anointing oil for your candle – can be the Spell Boost Oil

Each and every time you sit down to read or study or work on your Book of Shadows, light your candle while reciting the Incantation below.

A variation of this is to create a spell bundle. The actual bundle with the following contents were sent out in the December 2018 Winter Whisper Box. This box is no longer available, but you can subscribe to the Witches Box HERE to insure you don’t miss out on future boxes.

Wisdom Whisper Spell Bundle

This bundle is an anchor that keeps your mind clear and open to ‘hearing’ the wisdom vibrations of all your read, that you might absorb it and then transmit it in a manner that is healing, magickal and transformational in your life and the world.

Keep this bundle where you study or read. Place it next to the candle you light each time you sit down to study Witchcraft and spirituality and recite the incantation below each time you do.One of each of the following items was placed in a glassine envelop along with a note with the intention written on it.  The items were then sealed with gold wax and twine.  Meant to be kept in the place where you do your reading, studying and work in your Book of Shadows.

  • Aspen Leaf whispers messages from the divine in the wind and your ears.
  • Bay Leaf for purification and protection, that as you open your mind, only that which serves your highest good, come through.
  • Magpie Feather for curiosity and communication


By the light of the flame
By the glow of the bulb
I sit as all
who have come before
To learn,
To grow,
To expand
my reach.
In all I do
may I also teach.
Blessed Be.

School Of Holy Witchery

Come join us in learning about embodying a rich and meaningful life as a Holy Witch, where magic is a gorgeous part of the language and manifestation is an invitation to be a part of a more connected and celebratory expression of life.

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