Using Black Salt Magic – Salt by the Front Door

In a full arsenal of magical ingredients that a witch has at her disposal, black salt for Black Salt Magic is likely the most versatile, easily sourced and effective.

Salt has long been used as a purifier of negative energy. It can literally sterilize on a physical level, but it also shifts the energetic vibration. Add to that charcoal, which is what makes it black, and it has the drawing power or magnetic that charcoal brings to the mix. Both ingredients amplify each others potency and create a perfect ingredient for all sorts of spells.

Keeping this in stock is just as fundamental to your Witches Pantry as keeping a good stock of Bay Leaves. You honestly don’t need anything complicated to create a spell or a cleaning with Black Salt because on it’s own it often does what you need.

Magical Black Salt Usage

  • Banishing
  • Protection
  • Hexing
  • Cleanses/Purification

A Black Salt Protection Spell For Your Home

There are many variations of this, but I just recently sent this one to one of our IG followers and I thought I’d share it here. This is a great way to set a perimeter of protection around your home to keep out anything unwanted. The fact that you need to renew it on a monthly basis also helps feed the energetic container over time, giving it more potency.

Items need: Black salt, 4 crystals or 4 small mirrors. Small little craft mirrors from places like Michaels or Joann’s Fabric are fine for this. They have small craft mirrors that are as small as 1 inch wide that are easily replaced when needed and inexpensive.

  1. You can do this as far from the home or as close to the structure as you want.
  2. If there is room to do so, starting at the Eastern point of the property (or, if you follow a tradition that begins to cast a circle at the North point, do this instead). Standing at the Eastern point, hold the salt up in a bowl, state your intention and begin to pour a small amount in as much of a circle around the perimeter as you can.
  3. Stop at each quarter to put down a crystal or a mirror, or both. The crystal serves to anchor the circle. The mirror can serve as a repellant to any directed negative energy. Meaning, if there is someone specific in your neighborhood or in your life that you feel is sending negativity your way or to those in your house hold, the mirrors serve to repel that energy back to it’s source.
  4. Do this on repeat at each quarter until you are back at the Eastern point and then close the circle by placing a mirror or stone or both in this spot.
  5. Rain, animals, kids, and nature will move and smudge this demarcation over time. This is fine. You are setting an energetic container that is supported by the ingredients and items you’ve used. Because you are seeking to build this container over time, I find that the New Moon is a good time to recreate this ritual around the house. That said, some find that the Dark Moon (right before the New Moon) makes most sense. Feel it out for yourself.

A variation of this is to do this inside the house. Because its indoors, you can pour a small amount of the salt at each corner of your home, or you can pour some in a line across the outer threshold of your doors and windows, placing your mirrors at each of these points as well.

Casting A Circle With Black Salt for Extra Protection

When doing a ritual of any sort and casting a circle as a container, the container itself is designed to both protect the work and participants inside the circle as well as hold the building energy until it’s time to release it.

There are times however, when an extra layer of protection is needed to reinforce the circle cast. In those instances, tracing the circle with black salt on the ground is a potent way of doing this.

The charcoal in the salt can stain, so be mindful of this when you place it on the ground. That said, the absorption of negativity that black salt adds to the circle can be invaluable when you’re needing to fortify.

Sweeping A House Clean with Black Salt

This is tricky, because the charcoal in the salt can stain so if you have carpeting in your home, this might not work for you unless it’s a dark color carpet. And it’s just down right messy. There is no way to get around this one.

This recipe was passed down to me by my father who was a Santero, but also played a bit intuitive with the rituals and spells he cast. He did this when we moved into a new home, or during the New Year to sweep out the old and allow fresh space for the new.

Items needed:  A bucket, like a mop bucket, fill it half way with ice and the blossom heads of 13 Carnations and 3 – 7 spoons of black salt.

The salt is the cleaner, the ice is what helps capture and solidify the negativity to carry it along and the Carnations protect, bring good fortune and health in it’s wake.

  1. Go to the front door of the house and dump the contents of the bucket onto the floor just inside and to the left of the door. Yes. You want to do this along the wall, so take a broom and now begin sweeping the contents along the wall line through each room in the house in a counter clockwise direction. (This is why you start to the left of the door.)
  2. It’s messy, and it helps if you have already moved furniture away from the walls to give you clear passage.
  3. Once you have gone through the entire of the house this way and you reach the front door, you sweep all of it out and keep sweeping until all the contents have been swept out into the street. And there you leave it to float away and decompose.
  4. Go back into the house and do a thorough Spring cleaning. Your house has been swept of negativity and is ready for a renewed energy.

Making Your Own Black Salt

With a mortar and pestle you can grind up sea salt and charcoal until you have a good mixture. I like a ratio of 2:1, salt to charcoal. You can also buy it at various outlets. Even Amazon has some!

The Witches Apothecary has some in stock on occasion and it comes in a lovely Boston Glass bottle with a cork stopper that makes for a lovely addition to your Witches Pantry. You can get yours HERE.

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